Top 10 Craft Supplies to Have on Hand for Kids

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Check out our favorite TOP 10 Craft Supplies to have on hand when crafting with kids! These are some of our go-to items to create!

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Over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about the best craft supplies to have on hand for kids of all ages! No matter how old kids get, they always have a blast getting to create something of their own. Arts and crafts are always a great activity for everything from parties, sleepovers, to keeping the little ones occupied during a rainy day. Younger kids get to practice those fine motor skills while cutting out shapes, and the older kids get to think creatively and explore their artistic side. However they’re benefitting, the fun doesn’t change!

10 Art Supplies for Kids to have on hand!

Whether you’re building a starter crafting kit or just looking to craft more with the little ones at home, you’ll definitely want to stock up on these top 10 craft supplies to make your kids’ next crafting project a low-prep breeze!

1. Pipe cleaners

Bendable, colorful, and guaranteed to be a winner with the kids, pipe cleaners are always a great crafting supply to have on hand! They’re also fun for the kids to play with, any way they see fit. Pipe cleaners are more versatile than you might think, too. We used them for our Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Craft, our Egg Carton Flowers and even our DIY Borax Crystals tutorial!

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2. Pom Poms

Add pom poms to just about any craft, and the whole look comes together! Keep some hot glue on hand and let the kids pick where to place their pom poms. They look great on our Paper Plate Fish and Snowy Pinecone Ornaments alike!

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3. Googly eyes

I’m particularly a fan of animal-themed crafts, and nothing completes a cute face like a pair of googly eyes! They would be perfect for a monster craft — the kids can go wild with the amount and placement of the eyes. If you’ve got some lying around your house already, make our Paper Roll Dragon Craft, Handprint Lion Craft, or Paper Plate Jungle Animals with your kids this weekend. TIP: We love purchasing the ADHESIVE googly eyes. Sometimes putting glue on little eyes can be tricky. 

adhesive googly eyes

4. Paper plates

As you can tell, this humble household item is the base of a ton of my favorite crafts! Paper plate crafts are great because they can be made at a minute’s notice with just a few other supplies you may already have at home. Save our Paper Plate Unicorns, Paper Plate Flowers, or our Paper Plate Dinosaurs for the next time your little ones get the crafting bug with minimal time to prep.

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5. Popsicle sticks

Did you know that the best way for kids to craft a picture frame is with popsicle sticks? Yep, it’s true! We’ve created a handful of popsicle stick frame crafts, including these Apple Popsicle Stick Frames, Glitter Popsicle Stick Frames, and Back to School Crayon Frames. And of course, picture frames are only the beginning of what you and the kids can craft with popsicle sticks. Think dreamcatchers, little houses, and more!

rainbow popsicle sticks

6. Glitter and Gemstones

Okay, okay. Glitter certainly isn’t every parent’s favorite kids crafting supply — it always gets everywhere. But you can’t deny that kids don’t love using it, and it certainly makes a craft pop! We love to use our glitter and MESS-FREE gemstones when making these Glitter Bracelets, Tinker Bell Glitter Slime, and even my Handprint Flamingos.

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7. Permanent & Washable Markers

The solution to getting those little details just right, without kids fumbling with their paint brushes? Permanent Markers! They’re incredibly easy to use, and they’re not just great for kids crafting. Let the kids try them out with our Kids Handprint Jellyfish Art and our Dinosaur Coloring Activity.

washable and permanent markers

8. Ribbon

Ribbon’s one of those supplies that younger kids might not easily get the hang of, but it’s a fantastic finishing touch on many of my favorite kids’ crafts. A little ribbon bow is an ideal accent on a Pom Pom Ballerina Fairy, while colorful strands of ribbon make these DIY Princess Wands absolutely magical.

ribbon and string

9. Card stock Paper

When it comes to crafting, having a rainbow of colorful card stock paper is one of our favorite go to craft supplies! We use it in almost every craft we do in one way or another but some of our recent favorites are our Spring Roll Toilet Paper Rolls, Pool Noodle Boats, and our Paper Bag Turkey Craft.

colorful card stock paper

10. Acrylic paint

Last but certainly not least is a reliable paint in all of your kids’ favorite colors! If you’re an experienced DIYer around the home, you’ll likely already have this base covered. I’ve found that you really can’t have too much of the stuff in your supply stash. Whether you let the kids use it as a colorful base or to add accents and pops of color, it’s a must for every mom’s kids crafting kit!

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