Handprint Lion Craft

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Kids will adore this handprint lion craft! Colored card stock and fun googly eyes makes this King of the safari craft!  We include a free printable template if needed!


This lion handprint craft is such a fun craft for the kids- perfect for preschool age, elementary grade levels and even bigger kids. 🙂 Like our Handprint Jellyfish and Butterfly Craft this is a simple activity the kids will enjoy making but this handprint lion craft only only involves paper, googly eyes, and a bit of glue!


Here is a list of the minimal supplies needed:

  • orange cardstock
  • yellow card stock
  • brown card stock
  • pink card stock
  • googly eyes
  • permanent marker or marker of choice
  • glue stick
  • TEMPLATE, if needed

If you have a child that doesn’t want to have their hand traced you can use our template we created! If even has a template for the tail, mane, and the head 🙂 Just cut out the template, trace on card stock paper and cut out! PRINT TEMPLATE HERE!!


How to Make Handprint Lion:

Creating a Popsicle Stick Arctic Fox is a straightforward and enjoyable process. Here’s how you can make your own.

  1. Start off by either free-handing your lion pieces by using your child’s hand or use our free lion template to cut out your pieces. You will need a handprint for the body, mane, head, and two tail pieces. You can decide if you want the lion’s mane to be orange or brown.

2. Glue your lions head to the mane of your lion. Glue to the palm of your child’s handprint.  Add lions tail to the back of the lion.

4. Add a nose and smile to your lion’s face with your permanent marker and lastly add two googly eyes.

Here are some fun ways to incorporate this easy project into your everyday play:  

  • PUPPET PLAY: Turn their handprint lion into a puppet by glueing a jumbo craft stick to the back of the handprint. Kids can then use their lion puppets for imaginative play, putting on puppet shows or creating their own jungle adventures.
  • LION HUNT: Create a lion hide and seek game by hiding handprint lions around a designated area. Each lion can have a point value, and kids can “hunt” for them. This can add an element of excitement and physical activity after spending time crafting.
  • LION STORY SCENE: Have kids use their handprint lions to create a lion-themed collage or a scene from a story. Provide additional craft materials such as colored paper, googly eyes, fabric scraps, and markers. Children can use these materials to enhance their handprint lions and create a vibrant jungle or safari scene. This activity not only engages their creativity but also allows them to practice fine motor skills by cutting and gluing different materials onto their handprint lion.

Homeschool or Classroom Use:

This simple handprint lion craft has many benefits in the classroom or a homeschool setting:

  1. Tracing and Cutting Skills: This handprint lion requires cutting out a handprint shape – whether from our free printable or the added step of your child tracing their own hand this craft helps develop their hand-eye coordination, bilateral coordination (using both hands together), and precision in using their scissors.
  2. Gluing and Pasting: Applying glue and pasting pieces onto the paper handprint uses the pincer grasp (picking up small objects between their thumb and forefinger). This fine motor skill is so imprortant for activities like writing, tieing their shoes and other everyday tasks. 
  3. Decorating with Details: Adding details to the handprint lion, such as drawing facial features is a great way for kids to be creative! Children can use markers, crayons, or other art supplies to embellish their creations!

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