Rainbow Painted Pet Rocks

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Rainbow Painted Pet Rocks are perfect for kids who love to craft!  Bright paint colors and googly eyes bring these pet rocks some character!  Keep in your child’s room or place outside for a neighbor to find and enjoy! 

rainbow painted rocks on craft table

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Each of my children they went through a phase of collecting rocks they would find outside.  Before I knew it, we would have a nice collection of random rocks in their bedrooms. We decided it would be fun to jump on the painted rocks trend.  For the past couple of years during the summer months you could find painted rocks in different areas of our neighborhood and just like many other states this painted rock hunt activity has taken off.  Whether you decide to paint a rock and leave it for a neighbor to find or add a fun collection to your little ones room, these rainbow painted rocks will be a hit!

painted pet rocks displayed outdoors


  • Can I use rocks from outside? Absolutely! Just make sure to rinse them off first with some mild soap and water. Then let dry.  You can also find smooth river rocks online that are perfect for crafting. 
  • How many coats of paint do I need? To get the most vibrancy from your colors I would do at least two coats.
  • What should I do if my rock is really dark? You can paint your rock white first, it will act as a “primer.” Once it is dry you can paint the color of your choice.
  • Can I put these painted rocks outside?  Yes, just make sure that you use an outdoor paint.

rainbow colored pet rocks outside


The supply list for these pet rocks couldn’t be shorter, which is ideal when crafting with kids!

  • Rocks, either crafting river rocks, or rocks you find outside. 
  • Craft Paint * outdoor paint if you plan to use these rocks outside
  • Googly eyes, variety of sizes
  • Paint Brushes
  • Hot Glue or adhesive of choice * hot glue should be handled by adults only
  • Black Sharpie marker

glue googly eyes to painted pet rocks


  1. Begin by painting your rocks in your desired paint colors.  If your rock is especially dark you can paint it with a coat of white paint before adding your color layer. 
  2. Allow your painted rocks to fully dry. 
  3. Using a hot glue gun attach your googly eyes (if your googly eyes don’t already have an adhesive backing)
  4. Use a black sharpie marker to draw on your different smiley faces to create different expressions!

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childs hand holding yellow pet rock

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