Handprint Butterfly Craft

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This Handprint Butterfly Craft is great for the kids! It’s a colorful butterfly handprint that is decorated with gems, pipe cleaners, and paper! It’s a great preschool craft and activity for the older kids!

Butterfly Handprint Craft

This kids handprint craft is a colorful activity to keep the kids busy and celebrate the Spring and Summer season.  This handprint card uses a few different textures and is such a fun introductory craft for preschoolers but is still fun for the older kids as well.   We love to use a few different craft supplies when working on our kid crafts. The more texture you can add to a kid’s project the better! Tiny hands learn to make a handprint, glue gems to the butterfly “wings,” and draw on a smile.  Add a soft touch with the antennas and they will have a blast playing with the different elements. 

Here are the Supplies needed for the Butterfly Handprint Craft:

You only need a few basic craft supplies to get started! We added gems to our butterflies to add a pop of color and fun but if you don’t have any just skip it!  You can find gems at your local craft stores, Walmart or even some Dollar stores.

  • Paint, in your desired colors
  • Paper, in your desired colors
  • Googly Eyes,
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Gems, optional but we love them!

Check out our Butterfly Handprint Video for an Easy How-to!


How to make Handprint Butterfly Craft

  1. Start by painting of your childs hands, place hand in the middle of a piece of paper. Press the hand evenly and remove carefully.  Let dry.
  2. Cut out a butterfly shape body out of your corresponding paper.  Glue under the handprint to make a butterfly. 
  3. Add small googley eyes and a smile to the head of the butterfly. 
  4. Make small antennas out of a craft pipe cleaner and glue to the top of the butterfly head.
  5. If using, add colorful gems to the butterfly “wings” for extra fun and color!

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  1. These are so adorable I just had to make them with my kids. They were super fun and the kids loved’em!

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