Coffee Filter Butterflies

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Coffee Filter Butterflies: a simple and colorful butterfly kids craft that is easy to make and only requires a few supplies like water, washable markers and coffee filters. 

Coffee Filter Butterflies

The kids are almost out of school for the summer and one way to try to prevent boredom during the summer is crafting.  All three of my kids love to spend time coloring, painting, and just creating.  When crafting with my kids I always try to keep thing simple whether we are a unicorn mini canvas, making a batch of our sparkly galaxy playdough, or blowing paint bubbles making our bubble paint monsters. A small supply list down and minimal mess is key to “happy” crafting for both the kids and Momma. 🙂   These coffee filter butterflies fit both of those criteria! Not only are these easy to make, they are perfectly colorful and great to clip onto a flower bouquet, DIY a bunting, or just place around the house and their bedrooms. 

You only need a few simple supplies and less than 30 minutes to make these coffee filter butterflies, including drying time 🙂 

Supplies needed for Coffee Filter Butterflies

  • coffee filters – I used the 4 cup size
  • washable markers
  • clothespins
  • colorful pipe cleaners
  • black sharpie marker

How to make Easy Coffee Filter Butterflies

  1. Place a piece of wax or parchment paper down on your work surface, flatten your coffee filters and color in your coffee filter.  You can color your filters in multiple ways, swirls, blacks of colors, stripes? You just want to cover most of the coffee filter with color.
  2. Using a spray bottle on the mist setting, wet your coffee filters until the colors begin to “blend” together”  Remove from surface and place on a piece of a paper towel to let dry.
  3. While the coffee filters are drying, draw a face on the clothespins.
  4. Create two colorful antennas and hot glue to the back of your clothespin. 
  5. Gather the center of your dried coffee filter and place clothespin down the center. 

These butterflies are such a fun classic kids craft that can be made in one fun afternoon. They are colorful and perfect for summer and hte kids just love them!

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