DIY Watermelon Coasters

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These DIY Watermelon Coasters are the perfect diy accessory for any summer party! Great to serve with punch, soda or your other favorite beverages. 

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DIY Watermelon Coasters

Entertaining is one of my favorite things to do.  I love hosting dinners, brunch, birthday parties, holiday kid parties, and more! Whether the gathering is with just a few close friends like our girls night Luau or with my whole family at a kids birthday party it’s a great time to connect and make new memories.  These DIY Watermelon Coasters are the perfect diy to add to your table while you are entertaining.  It adds an element of fun to your party decor.  They are simple, cute and it’s a craft even the kids can do during the party themselves. You can also wrap them up in bakers twine and give hem away as a house warming gift and “just because.”  

Watermelon Coasters as Party Favor

We were inspired by these watermelon coasters from Young at Heart Mommy and with a few changes like using our favorite Mod Podge, Sparkle, a bright red color, and just a few less seeds we were happy with our little coasters. 

Supplies for DIY Watermelon Coasters:

You only need a few simple supplies for these watermelon coasters, and honestly if you are a crafter already you most likely have just what you need already. 

I started off with wooden coasters I found online. I have seen them in craft stores as well.  They are relatively cheap but you can always grab a coupon from your local craft store to save costs. 

You will begin by drawing the two rings, one green and one white, around your coaster.  Don’t worry about it being exactly perfect, it’s just serving as a guide to follow. 

One you have your circle guides drawn you will want to the paint the outer ring green, the second ring white and the center red. Just like our favorite sweet treat!  Allow to dry completely and repeat with a second or third coat, if necessary.  I was able to stop at two coats for most of the watermelon coasters but some needed a third coat if the coaster had a large knot in the center of it.

Using your pencil and black sharpie draw on five small seeds in the center of your coaster.  

Add a layer of Mod Podge, sparkle to your coasters for some fun and protection against your wet glasses.  Don’t like the look of sparkles or glitter?  Just swap out the sparkle Mod Podge for your favorite formula such as matte, glossy or satin. 

Now go have fun in the sun and enjoy a cold glass of sweet tea or lemonade 🙂 

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