Candy Filled Apple Ornaments

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Candy Filled Apple Ornaments: a plastic ornament filled with delicious jelly bean candies. These make a great gift idea for teachers for teacher appreciation day, back to school, and Christmas. 

Plastic Ornaments filled with red jelly beans

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Candy Filled Apple Ornaments

Our children’s teachers can certainly use a little something every once in awhile so they know just how much we appreciate them!  I love the classic gift ideas of lotions, hand sanitizers, mugs, and coffee, but I thought these candy filled apple ornaments were a fun twist on other apple gifts and who doesn’t love a little sweet treat. 

Green candy filled plastic ornaments

My two boys are are now both going to be in school five full days a week which means it’s just me and my daughter at home.  I still don’t know how I feel about only having one baby at home most of the week, but I am so excited for my boys to enjoy another school year in our local Christian school.  My husband is also a teacher so I feel like I’m alway surrounded by the talk of the hustle and bustle of students, curriculums and homework.  I know personally how hard most 😉 teachers work and I do feel like they have a huge responsibility teaching our children.


Candy Filled Apple Ornament Supplies:

  • Fillable Ornaments
  • Brown Felt
  • Red and Green Candies, I used jelly beans but you can use any kind of small candy
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Green card stock

Begin by filling each ornament with approximately 1 1/4 cup candy, if using jelly beans, and replace top. Cut a brown piece of felt and wrap it around the neck of the ornament. Attach using a tab of hot glue.

Fold a piece of green card stock and draw an arch. Cut along the line to create a leaf.

Candy Filled Apple Ornaments

Use a small hole punch to make a hole. Thread ribbon through the hole and tie around the “stem”. It’s so simple and so cute!  If you have multiple kids in school this is a great gift idea to make since you normally have to buy multiple clear ornaments at one time.  I highly recommend sticking with the plastic ornaments for this particular idea.  We attempted to use glass to begin with but you have to be super careful when filling them.  We shattered a few ornament.  I don’t know if it was the candy hitting the glass or if the glass ornaments were just poorly made but stick with plastic, it’s the safest option, and I doubt the candy will be in there for long 😉

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