Wooden Bead Christmas Ornament

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Deck the halls with this super easy Wooden Bead Christmas Ornament! This DIY ornament craft will add a nice touch to your Christmas tree!

finished wood bead ornaments on christmas tree

Wood Bead Ornaments

I’m really into simple, yet elegant Christmas ornaments. One decor item I like to use when making ornaments is beads. It adds a cute farmhouse vibe to my decor which is super on-trend this holiday season. For this ornament, I decided to keep it simple and make this Wooden Bead Christmas Ornament. You can either make this yourself. All you need are pipe cleaners, white beads, and ribbon! Keep reading to learn how to make this Wooden Bead Ornament craft!


finished wood bead ornaments on table

How to make Wood Bead Ornaments:

  1. String 11 beads onto your pipe cleaner. Depending on the size of your beads you more need more or less.
  2. Form in a circle and twist pipe cleaner ends together until the circle of beads is tight.
  3. Tie a bow and attach to the front of your wood bead ornament.
  4. Add jute or string for hanging.
collage of how to make wood bead ornaments. String beads on pipe cleaner. Twist to form circle.

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