Apple Pencil Toppers

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Felt Apple Pencil Toppers: a fun and simple back to school felt craft the kids can enjoy making and using in school!

Apple Pencil Toppers

Felt Apple Pencil Toppers

The countdown to the first day of school has officially begun! I can’t believe it’s the beginning of August!  I have always enjoyed back to school supplies and I remember looking forward to getting new folders, pencils and notebooks each summer!  It was always so fun to fill up our back pack with new goodies and I love watching my boys get excited for the start of a new academic year!

Pencil Toppers

Easy Back to School Craft 

I thought it would fun to make these apple pencil toppers to celebrate the start of school.   They are super easy to make–even the kiddos could do it with a little help.  These make great gifts for classmates or a fun gift for a favorite teacher.  You only need a few simple craft supplies to make these apple pencil toppers and one piece of felt can make quite a few apple toppers. 

  • Red felt
  • Green felt
  • Brown Felt
  • googly eyes
  • school glue or Hot glue gun
  • black sharpie marker

Process to make Apple Pencil Toppers

How to make Felt Apple Pencil Toppers

  1. Cut out an apple shape out of your red or green felt.  You will also need to cut out a small rectangle piece, a stem and a leaf shape.
  2. Glue your stem and leaf together and glue to the back of your apple shape.
  3. Glue your googly eyes on top.  
  4. Glue each end of your rectangle piece of felt to the back of your apple shape leaving enough space in between to slide your pencil through. 
  5. Optional: Add a smile

Pencil in Apple Pencil Holder

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