Handprint Peacock Craft

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Use this beautiful handprint peacock to practice fine motor skills and learn some fun facts about peacocks and peafowl!

Handprint Peacock

Why should you make a peacock craft you might ask? Why not? It’s a fun activity and a great way to practice fine motor skills or study the letter P. Kids will love making their own handprint crafts and the craft supplies needed are minimal. If you are an artsy-craftsy mom like me, you will love doing this craft with your kids.

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Supplies Needed To Make a Peacock

You will just need a few simple supplies for your handprint peacock. This is a fun evergreen project for young kids. You just need some construction paper and some fancy jewels. Here is the full supply list:

  • Dark blue, green, and yellow cardstock (or any colors to match the jewels you find)
  • Green feathers (or any color you would like)
  • Gemstones (I used green, royal blue, and yellow but you are welcome to get creative and we got the ones that are self-adhesive!)
  • Hot glue or liquid glue
Handprint Peacock

How to Assemble a Handprint Peacock

The steps for creating this gemstone-covered peacock are simple. Just follow these directions and you’re set. Kids will be able to do most of it on their own.

  1. First, cut out your child’s handprint by tracing it first on green paper. We use cardstock for durability, but regular weight paper will work also. If the kids are able, let them trace their own hand and cut it out.
  2. To make the head of the peacock, cut a thin strip of blue cardstock. Add a little curve halfway down for the neck, as pictured.
  3. Add small blue gems to the top and draw on your eyes using a black marker.
  4. Add gems to each finger to decorate your peacock.
  5. Glue feathers to the back of the peacock as a finishing touch. You don’t have to add them but they are a lovely addition. Get creative with the peacock feathers and make them as colorful as you desire.

To make things fun, attach your peacock craft to a popsicle stick and you have a finger puppet for kids to reenact stories to make up their own. This craft doesn’t call for googly eyes, but you can easily use the small ones instead of a black marker if you wish. Kids always love googly eyes on their crafts.

Let kids display their pretty peacocks proudly on the fridge, windows, or bulletin boards. Everyone will love checking them out and your kids will be very proud of what they completed.

Handprint Peacock

Fun Facts About Peacocks

While your kids use their little fingers to create this fun craft, tell them about some fun facts pertaining to peacocks. Here are just a few:

  • Did you know that the word “peacock” only refers to male peacocks? Females are referred to as peahens.
  • There are 3 different types of peafowl, two come from Asia and one from Africa.
  • Peacocks first lived in rainforest settings. This is their most comfortable living space.
  • In the wild, peacocks will live for about 20 years. These colorful birds can live up to 50 years when domesticated.
  • The males are often twice the size of their female counterparts.
  • Their long colorful tail feathers are referred to as a train.
  • The female peafowl are usually brown in color and not as vibrant as the males.
  • The male tail feathers are used to attract females.

Kids will greatly appreciate learning a little about the animal they are crafting. This activity and these fun facts are a great activity to have on hand for rainy days or a simple afternoon craft. Older children can help the younger children complete their activity and prep it.

Handprint Peacock

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