Dinosaur Handprint Craft

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Do you have a dino-obsessed kiddo at home? This Dinosaur Handprint Craft is an adorable, simple activity that they will love! All you need is cardstock, the dinosaur template, and a few other simple supplies to recreate this craft!

Easy Dino Craft

My kids love everything about dinosaurs, so we’ve turned out a fair bit of dinosaur crafts in this house! In fact, my middle son loves them so much that he’s requested a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party for the past few years. Because of this, I’m always on the hunt for new dinosaur crafts to try out with them. Safe to say, they’re usually a hit!

This Dinosaur Handprint Craft is my latest addition to our dino activity lineup. Although this craft is great for younger kids, all of my kiddos loved giving this craft a go! It only requires a few simple supplies, yet kids will have so much fun making their own dino friends. That’s definitely my favorite kind of craft: simple supplies with big payoff!

You can try out this craft at home, with your class, or at a dino-inspired party like the ones my son requests! However you choose to craft, I’d love to hear about how much fun you had in the comments below!


As with all of my favorite crafts for kids, these supplies are easy to get and super inexpensive. If you’re a crafting fanatic like me, you probably have these supplies in your home already!

Here’s what you will need:

  • Dinosaur template – this free dinosaur template will help you cut out the perfect shape to use as the dino’s neck and head!
  • Cardstock, green, orange, yellow, pink – The cardstock will be used for the dinosaur’s head and the handprint-shaped body. I like using cardstock for crafts like these because it gives the final product a sturdier feel. Feel free to use any colors that your kiddo prefers, even those not listed here!
  • Sharpie Marker – You’ll need a black marker to draw on each dino’s cute smile! I used a Sharpie, but you can use any black marker you have on hand.
  • Mini Pom Poms, blue and purple – Pom poms add a special decorative touch to the top of each dinosaur’s body!
  • Googly eyes – Of course, we had to use some googly eyes to finish off our dinosaurs!
  • Glue – For all of the steps but the pom poms, you can use a regular craft glue. However I prefer to use hot glue to adhere the pom poms to the cardstock. Make sure that ONLY adults handle the hot glue, if you choose to use it!

How to make this dinosaur handprint craft

Follow these easy steps to make your own adorable dinosaur friends!

  1.  Start out by using the dinosaur template to cut out the dinosaur’s bodies. I made one facing left and another facing right for a cute paired look!
  2. Next, trace your kiddo’s handprint on a piece of cardstock. Try to make this as neat as possible. For younger kids, you probably want to do it for them. Then, cut the handprint shapes out of the cardstock.
  3. Next, glue the handprints behind each dinosaur’s body. I had the thumbs on opposite sides of each other. I found that this gave me the best look — most like a dinosaur’s body!
  4. Finally, add a couple of small googly eyes to each dino’s head and draw on a cute smile. You can also add mini pom poms in the color of your choice to the top of the dinosaur’s body, aka the bottom of your little one’s handprint. For the best look, use a few different sizes of the pom poms and arrange them so that they’re mixed up!

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