Paper Plate Owl

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These Paper Plate Owls are such a fun craft for the kids! Use our free template for an easy craft you can make in less than 30 minutes!

finished paper plate owls on counter

Paper Plate Owl Craft

Paper plate crafts are so fun and easy to make. All you need are a few craft supplies, and you can make this easy owl craft in minutes! I love doing crafts like this with my kids because it keeps them occupied for a little while, and we get to spend some time together, which I love. Plus, these little owls are fantastic for an after-school quick craft when your kids get bored! So, if you’re ready to make this Paper Plate Owl Craft, keep reading!

paper plate owls

Paper Plate Owl How to Video:

Supplies Needed for this Paper Plate Owl

  • Paint – light brown or tan, light gray, and blue
  • Paintbrush – foam or regular
  • Cardstock – dark brown, dark gray, lighter blue than the paint color, orange
  • Eyeball Template – feel free to use our easy to use eyeball printable with differnet sizes available! (Save the leftover eyes for some other crafts) you can also use googly eyes if you prefer!
  • Glue Sticks or a Bottle of Glue
paper plate supplies - paper plates, paint, card stock

How to Make a Paper Plate Owl

  1. Paint your paper plates gray, brown, and blue for the owl’s body. Let dry.
  2. Draw the following shapes for your owls body and cut out – two ears, two feet, a beak and two wings.
  3. Glue in place with glue sticks or a bottle of glue.
paper plate collage

Tips for this Paper Plate Owl Craft

  • You can use regular-sized plates instead of dessert plates if you don’t have them!
  • Cheap paper plates work best for this craft. It’s not worth it to get the high-end ones because you’re just going to paint over them!
  • Construction paper is an excellent substitute for cardstock if you don’t have any.
  • Trace out your owl’s beak and feet with a pencil before cutting to prevent any errors. If your kids are old enough, you can have them do this! You can make your owl’s beak and feet however big or small you want as well!

paper plate owl craft

Get Creative with this Paper Plate Owl Craft

You can get super creative with this craft and make different color owls. For example, you can use white paint to create a snowy owl to recreate Hedwig from the Harry Potter books!

Another great way to get creative with this craft is to paint “feathers” onto the owl. You can take a thin paintbrush and draw small strokes on the body of the owl and the wings to make it look like feathers! Giving the owls these natural features will make them look more life-like and real! Of course, you can use craft feathers if desired as well.

paper plate owls on counter - grey, blue and brown


Will this Paper Plate Owl Craft help my child build their fine motor skills?

Yes! This craft consists of painting, cutting, and gluing, which requires steady hand movement and concentration!

What age group works best for this craft?

Kids of all ages will love this craft! It’s a great project for teaching about different colors and animals!

Which kind of paintbrushes work best for this Paper Plate Owl?

You can use a 1” foam or regular paintbrush for this craft. I love using foam paintbrushes because they’re super cheap and disposable, but if you have regular paintbrushes, go for it! If you plan on adding some extra decorative elements to your owls, you can also get thin paintbrushes for detailing!

What kind of glue do you recommend for this craft?

You can use glue sticks or a bottle of glue for this craft. I love using glue sticks because they’re less messy and spread a lot cleaner than bottles of glue, but you can use whatever you have! You can even use double-sided tape or sticky dots if you don’t have glue!

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