Easy & Fun Torn Paper Reindeer Christmas Craft

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This Easy Torn Paper Reindeer Craft is such a fun Christmas craft for kids. All you need is some paper, googly eyes and a glue stick to make this festive reindeer. 

torn paper reindeer craft on counter with torn brown paper beside

Christmas crafts are some of my favorite activities to create with my kids all year long.  We love to create holiday specific crafts for each season but there is something so fun about Christmas time. The holiday season is a fun time to make Christmas tree crafts, snowman crafts and all things Christmas- like this silly Reindeer!  

Torn paper crafts are a great way to make something fun with the kids while developing important eye-hand coordination skills in young kids. Your little ones will develop hand strength while ripping the paper into tiny pieces of paper while also getting to use their creativity to create their reindeer.

 For older kids you can let them draw their own reindeer guide line on their piece of paper and then they can continue with the remaining steps.  Older kids can even fold a white piece of paper in half and create a smaller reindeer and then give their finished art as a Christmas card to their family or friends. This paper art project is fun for the whole family and I hope you find sometime to make some Christmas cookies, listen to Christmas music and spend some time crafting this winter season. 


Supplies Needed:

  • White Paper, we prefer to use card stock but white construction paper will also work
  • Brown Paper, we used both a light and dark brown – you can also use brown construction paper
  • Red Paper
  • Black Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue Sticks or school glue such as Elmers
  • White Paint pen, optional – you could also use a white crayon
  • Free Reindeer Template 

How to Make this Simple Craft

1. Print your free reindeer template and use to trace your reindeer head shape onto a piece of cardstock. 

reindeer head drawn on paper

2. Rip your light brown paper into small pieces of paper. Remember, smaller pieces take longer  to glue down since they cover a smaller area.  We prefer to use a few different sizes for our scraps of paper.  
3. Use a glue stick and spread glue on one small section and place the small squares on top. Continue to add paper until the glued area is covered. Repeat until the whole reindeer head is covered. 

paper ripped and placed on reindeer shape head on cardstock

4. Cut out your antler shapes from your dark brown paper. 
5. Add googly eyes and a red oval shape nose.
6. If desired, use your white paint pen and add a small highlight on the red nose. 

This simple craft is completed in less than 30 minutes and is perfect for kids of all ages! For more fun projects you should try some of these:
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