Jungle Paper Plate Animals

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Kids absolutely adore jungle animals. There are so many different animals to check out and the kids always enjoy learning about them, crafting their own jungle animals, and telling others what they know. If you do a study on jungle animals or your kids just love animals in general, these jungle paper plate animals are perfect for you. Make a hippo, gorilla, and a sloth to start! They are fun paper plate animal crafts that kids of all ages can do and the setup is easy peasy.

Jungle Paper Plate Animals

Materials Needed For Paper Plate Jungle Animals

Animal paper plate crafts are very easy to complete and require minimal supplies. The paper plate is the perfect shape for so many animals and they make it easy for little hands. Grab the materials below and practice fine motor skills while learning about zoo animals.

  • Paint- blue, brown, and black
  • Paper – Grey, Black, brown, and cream
  • Black Sharpie markers
  • Dessert Size Paper Plates
  • Animal Templates
  • Small Black Buttons
  • Eye Template or googly eyes

If you craft a lot with your kids, you probably have these simple paper plates and materials in your craft closet and pantry already. The craft is easy for the artsy momma as well as the simple everyday mom! Your little kids will love it.

Paper Plate Jungle Animals How-To Video:

Jungle Paper Plate Animals

How Do Kids Make Jungle Animals?

Making these adorable paper plate animals is simple. It’s the perfect time to talk about animal fun facts and get older kids engaged in a craft. These crafts are great additions to a study in the classroom, a rainy day during homeschool, or a crafty morning on the weekend.

  1. To start, paint your three paper plates. Paint one grey, one brown, and one black. Allow the paint to dry fully before moving to the next step.
  2. Cut out your animal template pieces. Glue the pieces down as shown in the pictures on this post.
  3. Add eyes, nose, ears, and mouth as you see fit using a black Sharpie marker.
  4. Add big teeth for the hippo and buttons for the gorilla’s nose.
Jungle Paper Plate Animals

What Can We Make Out of a Paper Plate?

This post will show you how to make a brown sloth using strips of paper, a cute gorilla with a button nose, and a grey hippo with silly teeth! However, there are so many things you and your kids can create out of a paper plate. Ask your kids to think of any animal they can imagine. Then, use scraps of colored cardstock or construction paper and let them get creative.

Give them a variety of craft supplies such as pipe cleaners, buttons, pom poms, yarn, glue sticks, googly eyes, tissue paper, egg cartons, and markers. Print pictures of different animals they may like. This is a great way to get their creative juices flowing and everyone will have so much fun. See if they can create their own paper plate giraffe, paper plate crab, paper plate octopus, and anything else you can think of using the materials on hand. We love spending quality time like this and the kids always come up with some fun ideas for their crafts.

Jungle Paper Plate Animals

How to Make a Paper Plate Animal Mask

If you have the time, make your paper plate animal into a fun mask for role play. Instead of drawing eyes, cut out holes your kids can see through. Attach a popsicle stick with glue and the kids will be able to hold their masks while they play. Invite them to put on a show or walk around the house pretending to be animals. They will love creating their own animal faces to wear.

Jungle Paper Plate Animals

How to Make a Lion Out of Paper Plates

You may be wondering why I didn’t include the KING of the jungle in this post! I have already created a post about lions, elephants, and zebras. These jungle animals are created very similarly and can be found in my Paper Plate Jungle Animals post! Let your kids make their own paper plate lion or paper plate lion mask! This post is a great addition to the one linked above.

For another fun lion craft, check out my Handprint Lion!

More Paper Plate Crafts the Kids Will Love

For more fun paper plate crafts, check out my Paper Plate Farm Animals and my Paper Plate Ocean Animals. The kids will enjoy making cute farm animals and tropical fish out of paper plates. These crafts are great for a study about farm life or an ocean unit in the classroom. They are also fun for decorating for a party or an ocean-themed classroom.

Happy Crafting!

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