Handprint Flamingo

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This Handprint Flamingo Craft is a fun handprint craft for kids! Card stock paper, glue and a touch of glitter is all you need to make your own hot pink flamingos!

Handprint Flamingo Craft


Flamingos seem to scream hot weather and summer days by the pool! These hot pink birds are so colorful and fun for the kids.  With minimal supplies this is an easy under 30 minute activity great for summer crafting or to go along with letter “F” day at school.  These flamingos are a fun addition to our handprint lion, handprint jellyfish art, and our handprint butterflies

three flamingos in a row


You only need a few basic art supplies and I bet you already have these in your craft stash! Colorful card stock is something we always have on hand which makes pulling together simple crafts for kids just about effortless! 

Supplies Needed:

  • Card stock Paper- pink (light and dark), black, white
  • Glitter, optional-we used this kind but any will do
  • Glue- liquid glue is needed for the feathers. 
  • Black Marker

supplies needed for flamingo handprint craft



  1. Start off by cutting our your necessary pieces. You will need a flamingo neck, handprint body, pieces for legs, and a black and white piece for the beak. See below photo for reference. 

cut out flamingo body pieces

2. Assemble your pieces together to make your flamingo. You can use a glue stick for assembling the flamingo.  Once assembled, draw feather designs on your flamingos body with liquid glue. 

add liquid glue and giltter to make feathers

3. Sprinkle glitter over the glue, making sure to fully cover the glue marks. Shake excess glue off and onto the plate. 

PRO TIP: Save the excess glitter for another project! Transfer your glitter back into it’s container by folding the paper plate in half and pouring back in. 

add glitter to wet glue, shake off

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handprint flamingo craft

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