Paper Plate Ice Cream Cones

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Are you looking for a fun and easy summer craft for your little ones? Look no further than this Paper Plate Ice Cream Cones Craft!

Paper Plate ice Cream cone craft with white plate, pink painted plate and brown painted plate

Paper Plate Ice Cream

This Ice Cream Craft is perfect for kids of all ages and a great way to beat the heat on these last hot summer days! With just a few simple materials such as paper plates, cardstock, buttons, and googly eyes, your kids can create their own ice cream cones with their favorite flavors and toppings! Whether you’re looking for a cute preschool craft or a fun project for older kids, these cute paper ice cream cones are sure to be a hit. So grab your glue sticks and mini pom poms, and let’s get started!

painted paper plate ice cream cone craft on counter with extra cardstock sprinkles

Craft Supplies Needed to Make Paper Plate Ice Cream Cones

You can find all of these materials at any online or craft store!

  • Paper Plate – Dessert Size
  • Cardstock – in a rainbow of colors for the sprinkles
  • FREE CONE Template
  • Cardstock, Kraft paper (or light brown) for the cone
  • Buttons – Light Pink (we used ½ inch)
  • Red Pom Poms
  • Googly Eyes (we used ¾ – 1 inch)
  • Sharpie – Black and Light Brown (You can use a Crayola marker for light brown, if needed)

How to Make Paper Plate Ice Cream Cones

  1. Cut off the bottom part of your paper plate.
  2. Cut a wavy ice cream shape bottom. Trim if needed. 
  3. Paint two paper plates (one brown for chocolate and a lighter pink for strawberry ice cream) Allow to dry. 
  4. Cut out cones and add a line to make it look more like a cone. 
  5. Add paper sprinkles to the top of the paper. 
  6. Add face elements.
  7. Top with pom pom cherries.

Tips for Making Paper Plate Ice Cream Cones

  • Have your kids personalize their cute little ice creams by adding fun textures like tissue paper or torn-up construction paper onto the “scoop” of ice cream!
  • Use a plain white paper plate to make vanilla ice cream!
  • Ask your kids what their favorite ice cream flavors are and make the craft using elements from those flavors, such as green with brown sprinkles for mint chip or white with light brown buttons or sprinkles for cookie dough!
ice cream cones made with paper plates and construction paper


Can I use regular size paper plates?

Yes, You can use regular-size paper plates! However, you may want to make your cone size larger than the free template we provide as our template cone is meant for a dessert size plate. If you want to skip using paper plates all together thats fine too! Just make your ice cream shape out of cardstock or construction paper.

What can I use instead of buttons to make the paper plate ice cream cone?

You can draw the rosy cheeks in place of the pink buttons with a crayon, marker, or a paint pen! You can also use pom poms as an added texture piece.

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