Beaded Pipe Cleaner Corn

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This Beaded Pipe Cleaner Corn is the cutest craft for fall! You only need 3 simple supplies to recreate it at home. Beaded pipe cleaner corn husks make a fantastic fall craft for kids, your fall decor, or both!

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Corn three ways

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Indian Corn

Fall crafts are almost in full swing, and these beaded pipe cleaner corn cobs are the perfect addition to your roster! Pipe cleaners, colorful pony beads, and pieces of raffia come together and look just like mini corn husks. They come out looking more realistic than you might think! 

three beaded pipe cleaner corn

I love how easy these corn cobs are to recreate. The kids will love getting in on the fun. Plus, the simple supplies can be found at your local craft store, on Amazon, or even the dollar store! They are super inexpensive, so you could truly make as many as your heart desires.

Supplies you will need

When it comes to fall crafts, it doesn’t get simpler than these beaded corn husks! These supplies are inexpensive and easy to get your hands on, making it the perfect craft for a crowd. Here is what you will need: 

  • Pipe Cleaners — You will need four pipe cleaners per Indian corn!
  • Pony Beads — We used browns, golds, yellow, oranges, reds, and even some purple. You can pick up some sparkly beads for some extra pizazz, too! Pony beads are the best for this craft because they look just like corn kernels and fit nicely onto the pipe cleaners.
  • Raffia — Natural raffia adds a perfect rustic touch to your beaded pipe cleaner corn. You can find it at most craft stores or on Amazon!
supplies need: raffia, pony beads, pipe cleaners

How to Make Beaded Pipe Cleaner Corn Husks

This craft is simple enough for the kids, yet fun enough to keep everyone entertained! Follow these easy steps to make these adorable beaded corn cobs:

  1. First, line up your pipe cleaners so they are even on each end and twist them together in the middle. Next, fan out your pipe cleaner so the ends are evenly spaced apart, like an eight-point star with the twisted portion in the center.
  2. Then, thread your beads onto each pipe cleaner, varying the beads to give the corn husk a nice mix. You want to vary the order of the beads on each pipe cleaner to further mix up the colors. Make sure to leave about 1 to 1 1/2 inch of space at the top of the pipe cleaners so you can twist them together in the next step.
  3. Gather the points together and twist them together a few times to close. Make sure to leave them fanned out a bit for that signature look. This is where you’ll see your corn husk come together!
  4. Finally, tie a raffia ribbon to the top of each corn cob where you twisted it closed. This will help secure the top of the corn cobs and add a rustic finishing touch!
collage of how to make pipe cleaner beaded Indian corn

Beaded Corn Cob Color Variations

There are 3 different corn cob color schemes that you can create! Make one, two, or all of these color combinations for a nice variety. Each of these color combinations can be mixed up with sparkly beads for a fun touch. The possibilities are up to you!

  • Use red, purple, black and brown beads for a darker color scheme, perfect for a darker fall theme or a Halloween display.
  • Use orange, yellow, white, red beads for a candy corn-ish look, also perfect for Halloween or a fall aesthetic!
  • Use white, yellow, red, black, orange beads for a mix of both color combinations! These colors work amazingly together and definitely scream “autumn”.

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Beaded Pipe Cleaner Corn

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