Easy Octopus Cupcakes

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Easy Octopus Cupcakes: a simple and tasty ocean themed treat. These bright colored cupcakes are a fun idea for any beach or under the sea themed party!

Octopus Cupcakes on Cupcake Stand

Easy Octopus Cupcakes

Summer is all about days spent by the pool, playing in the sand at the Ocean, or just staying cool at home with a bucket of water and some pool noodle boats.  These octopus cupcakes are such a simple and fun treat that is great for pool parties, ocean themed events and just to enjoy during a normal summer day.   

octopus cupcakes on stand

Summer Day Treat

You only need a few simple ingredients to make these easy cupcakes and it all starts with a batch of your favorite cupcakes.  You can use either store bought cupcakes or make them from a box mix.  

*If you don’t want to make a full batch of these octopus cupcakes follow our easy tips for freezing cupcake batter to use at a later time! 

The ingredients you need to make these easy octopus cupcakes are:

steps to make octopus cupcakes

How to make Easy Octopus Cupcakes

  1. Begin by coloring your icing in your desired colors.  We used store bought icing and colored it in two different shades of blue. 
  2. Using a toothpick, dab a small amount of icing on the back of the mini candy eyes.  Adhere to the front of the gumdrop.
  3. Spread desired amounts of icing on the top of cupcakes.
  4. Place a gumdrop in the center of the cupcake.
  5. Surround gumdrop with sour gummie worms.

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candy on octopus cupcakes

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