Easy Turkey Do a Dot Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

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This Turkey Do a Dot is a fun Thanksgiving dot activity that is great for kids of all ages! 

This Turkey Do a Dot is a fun Thanksgiving dot activity that is great for kids of all ages! Use Do a Dot markers to add more color to your silly turkey craft!

Do a Dot Turkey

Need a simple Thanksgiving activity for the holiday season that’s colorful and easy for kids?  This easy Turkey is a silly craft leading up to Thanksgiving Day and is fun for both older kids and even little hands, with a little bit of assistance.  This activity is also great for both the classroom in elementary school and for something to do at home before Thanksgiving dinner is ready. No matter when you make this silly turkey this craft is filled with color recognition, eye hand coordination, and allows extra practice in developing important skills such as cutting and glueing. Not only are they having fun but they are learning too! 


finished turkey  craft on counter with doo a dot markers

For this project you will need:

  • Do a Dot Markers – you can also use bingo markers/ bingo daubers if needed
  • Card  stock, brown, and the classic rainbow colors
  • Free Turkey Printable 
  • Googly Eyes
supplies of paper, do a dot markers,  scissors and glue stick on  craft counter

​How to make this Turkey Craft:

1.  Using our free turkey printables cut out your turkey body from your brown paper. Cut out an orange nose and a red snood.  Cut out 6 feathers in each color of the rainbow. 

2.  Using the Do a Dot markers add dots on their coordinating feather color. 

rainbow colored feathers with do a dot markers

3. Glue colorful turkey feathers behind the turkey’s body.  

4. Add googly eyes and beak to turkey. 

finished turkey  craft on kitchen counter with  brown paper beside it

Why Do a Dot Markers?  

Do a Dot markers are such a fun supply to add to your art supplies.  They are great way for practicing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and are a fun way and relatively mess-free way to add some color to your little artists world.   These markers come in a rainbow of colors  and shades  – they even have some scented ones- but for this project we used the classic rainbow colors

 do a dot turkey with rainbow feathers on craft counter

Turkey Variations for a variety of age levels: 

  • Instead of Do a Dot Markers you can also use colorful pom poms, buttons, or coloring tools such as markers or colored pencils. 
  • Instead of embellishments on your turkey feathers you can have your older children write what they are thankful for on each feather like we did on our Paper Plate Turkey. This makes for a fun activity for the Thanksgiving holiday. 
  •  Print your turkey template on white paper and have your little learners color their turkeys instead of cutting them out of cardstock
  • Don’t want to deal with the feathers at all? Add your turkey body to the bottom of a 12 x 12 inch piece of paper and let the younger children add dots all around the paper with their Do a Dot markers – it will make the perfect dot art for young kids!

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