DIY Beaded Butterflies

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This beaded butterfly craft is a fun way to brighten up your kid’s day and only requires three materials!

beaded rainbow butterflies


This beaded butterfly craft is sure to brighten up your day and only requires three materials! I love making these kinds of crafts because they’re super colorful and don’t take a ton of time. The best part is you can hang these vibrant butterflies around your house to brighten up your home! So, if you’re ready to make these DIY Beaded Butterflies, keep reading!

clothespin butterflies on kitchen counter with bowl of beads

How to Make Butterfly Clothespin Craft VIDEO

Supplies Needed to Make DIY Beaded Butterflies

  • Rainbow Pony Beads- we love to mix our butterflies with some solid and glitter beads
  • Pipe Cleaners – you will need 2 per butterfly and any color will work!
  • Clothespins – you can keep these plain as is are paint them.
clothespin butterfly supplies on table

How to Make DIY Beaded Butterflies

  1. String the pony beads onto each pipe cleaner, leaving around 2 inches of space with no beads at each end.
  2. Fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist the remaining section of the pipe cleaner to secure the beads.
  3. Form the beaded pipe cleaner into a wing shape, and trim off the excess with a wire cutter or scissors.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the second pipe cleaner, and twist the two pipe cleaners together to make the wing section.
  5. Place a clothespin in the center of the twist to make the body of the butterfly.

process pictures to make butterfly wings

Tips for Making These DIY Beaded Butterflies

  • Try to get 7 mm beads as these will be the easiest for stringing on the pipe cleaners. If you use larger pony beads, they will slide around and not look as neat!
  • You can use different color clothespins if you like! I used standard clothespins, but you can use colored clothespins to brighten up this craft even more!
  • Make sure you twist the ends of the pipe cleaners well, so that they are secure and the beads don’t fall off!

Get Creative with These DIY Beaded Butterflies

This craft is so much fun because you can get creative with it! You can use different colors and patterns to make your butterflies pop. For example, you can make a pattern with the pony beads such as blue and green, pink and blue, dark blue and light blue, or whatever you want! A fun idea could be taking your favorite sports team’s colors and stringing them on the pipe cleaners. You could also do themed butterflies like all red or blue to give them a more uniform look. It’s entirely up to you!

Another fun thing you could do with these beaded butterflies is hot glue gun a magnet to the back of the clothespin and put them on your refrigerator! You can also glue these butterflies to a blank canvas and make a bright piece of wall art to brighten up your home! If you’re making this craft with your kids, you can let them keep them in their room and keep them as a keepsake for when they get older!

If you want to get super creative, you can create another butterfly pattern for your butterflies! For example, instead of bending the pipe cleaner in the middle to make the “wing,” you can make two small loops like a figure eight. Repeat with the other pipe cleaner and place one on top of the other diagonally, so the two pipe cleaners meet in the middle. Place your clothespin in the middle section, and now you have a butterfly with four wings! You can also mix and match, so you have a few different butterfly versions!


What can I do with these DIY Beaded Butterflies once I’m done?

These butterflies make a great gift for teachers, family, and friends! I love giving these out as little “thank yous” if someone helps me out or I just want to let someone know I’m thinking about them. Plus, they’re super inexpensive to make, so you can churn out a ton of these and have them handy for whenever you want to make someone’s day! You can also save these for Christmas and hang them on your tree for the holidays!

Is this craft kid-friendly!

Of course! If your little ones want to get involved in this project, go for it! You can have them string the beads onto the pipe cleaners or twist the pipe cleaners. Doing little tasks like that helps build their fine motor skills and gives you some bonding time!

How long should the pipe cleaners be?

Standard pipe cleaners will work fine for this craft. They’re usually around 12 inches long and 6 mm wide. You can also buy extra-long pipe cleaners if you want giant butterfly wings.

Can I hang these beaded butterflies?

Yes! You can attach a clear string to the clothespin and hang them from the ceiling. This would be an excellent idea for a kid’s bedroom as a little vibrant piece of decor!

Can I make these beaded butterflies into jewelry?

Yes! If you’re into DIY jewelry making, you can make these into statement jewelry pieces! For example, you can make a big butterfly as a necklace and small butterflies for earrings!

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