Easy Movie Night Box Craft

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Easy Movie Night Box Craft: this colorful box doubles as a craft for the kids and a fun way to carry their treats for family movie night! Fill their personalized movie night box with their favorite goodies. 

popcorn filled movie boxes

Movie Night Box

Movie night is one of my favorite family nights.  We try to have a movie night, where we order pizza, wings, and have extra treats once a month.  Our weeks are so busy between school, church functions, and now working on our home addition, that it’s so easy to let the days and weeks go by without spending quality time together.  We often try to do something fun with the kids whether it’s going out for ice cream, heading to the park, going to the movies or having an at home movie night.  What’s a movie without some yummy goodies and popcorn right? This movie night box is the perfect craft for the kids that they can use over and over.  

We originally found this idea over at Mom Dot and loved the concept of it! We decided to wrap ours in some pretty wrapping paper and add some matching colorful stickers for a personalized touch. 

Supplies needed for Movie Box Craft:

  • Cereal boxes
  • Wrapping paper
  • Stickers
  • Exacto knife, for adults only
  • Parchment paper
  • Popcorn
  • Candy
  • Juice box

You only need a few simple supplies for this movie box craft and half of them are the goodies you will fill your treat box up with.  You will need to decide how many compartments you want your treat box to have.  My kids are all small so we made a hole that was especially for a juice box.  If you have older kids you may want to have a larger circle for a can of soda or bottle of water. 

How to make Movie Night Box:

Once you decide how many compartments your movie night box will have you will then wrap them with wrapping paper.  The same way you would wrap a present. 

So we are able to use these treat boxes over and over we decided to use a plastic cup to hold some of the candy goodies.  You will use your cup and juice box to create a template of where you want your holes and what size to cut. 

Use an exacto knife to cut our your compartments.  Adults only should use the knife.  If you feel some of your wrapping paper is sticking up you can use a few drops of Elmers glue or glue dots to hold it down in place. 

Fill you popcorn hole with parchment paper for easy clean up! Then fill your treat boxes with your favorite sweet and salty goodies and enjoy your family movie night! 

For some delicious movie night treats try these:

Then fill your treat boxes with your favorite sweet and salty goodies and enjoy your family movie night!

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