“Happy” Pallet Home Decor Sign

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I love the beautiful simplicity of this pallet home decor sign. The pop of color just says “Happy!”

I love the beautiful simplicity of this pallet home decor sign. The pop of color just says "Happy!"

Don’t you just love when an idea in  your head comes to life even better than you hoped it would? Well, this is actually one of those times that it happened.  This “happy” pallet home decor sign turned out just the way I imagined and is now one of my favorite home decor pieces in my home.  I absolutely love the simplicity of this sign. The painted on white wash detail and “happy” chipboard adds a fun pop of character to the piece. 

Happy Plaid Project-44

I am beyond excited to be partnering with Plaid as one of nine Plaid Creators this year.  They launched this fun program in conjunction with their 40th anniversary. I’m thrilled to be able to share some simple project ideas you can do for your own home and with your family and friends with not only the classic Plaid products we all love but some of the 2016 new products




Pre-made or Homemade Pallet

Wicker White FolkArt® Acrylic Paint

Calypso Sky FolkArt® Acrylic Paint

“Happy” Chipboard

Paint Brush

Hot glue gun

Satin Mod Podge®

Happy Plaid Project-2

First I painted my pallet, which I found at Hobby Lobby, but you could also find a similar piece at any one of your local craft stores.  I let the pallet dry for about 30 minutes or until the paint was no longer tacky.  While I waited for the pallet to dry, I painted my chipboard word “happy” white and set it aside to dry.  

Happy Plaid Project-7

I poured some white paint in a little cup and added a tablespoon or two of water.  Working in sections, I brushed the watery white paint on top of my pallet.  Don’t worry about being perfect in this, you will be wiping it off anyway. I let the paint sit for about 10 seconds and then wiped it off with a paper towel. 

Happy Plaid Project-11

 The goal is to be able to remove most of the paint but leave a white wash effect.  You could also achieve this look by dry brushing the paint on the pallet.  To dry brush you would use a clean dry brush dipped lightly in white paint, this paint is not watered down, brush your paint against a paper towel to remove most of the paint and just lightly paint your pallet. 

Happy Plaid Project-20

I then attached my “happy” chipboard word to the bottom corner of my pallet with a little bit of hot glue. 

Happy Plaid Project-26

I added a light layer of satin Mod Podge to the surface of my pallet to help seal everything in and to give it just a hint of shine.

Happy Plaid Project-22

I placed this pallet on my fireplace mantel along with a white vase and some pretty aqua and white flowers. I just love how pretty the color scheme is.  You could also attach some jute or hanging hardware to the back of the pallet and attach it directly to the wall. 

Happy Plaid Project-38

I was inspired to create this project when Plaid announced the Top 10 Hot Trends of 2016.  I love the “Romantic” trend feel of this pallet decor.  What’s your favorite trend of this new year?I love the beautiful simplicity of this pallet home decor sign. The pop of color just says "Happy!"Follow Plaid on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM or Sign up for their NEWSLETTER for fun crafty trivia, history of crafting, giveaways and more! 

Pallet Sign Home DecorThis post was compensated as part of the Plaid Creators Program. All opinions of their awesome products are 100% mine. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Made to be a Momma possible! 

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