Turkey Veggie Cups

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Turkey Veggie Cup- A Healthy Treat that's perfect for the kids!

Do you have a picky eater?  I sure do!  I have noticed that when I make my sons food more “fun” he is more willing to try new and different things.  I think these fun turkey veggie cups are perfect to have on the Thanksgiving table for the kids to munch on while they wait for the big meal.  These veggie cups are a healthier alternative to my Mayflower Boats that are filled with candy but can be just as fun!   These little turkeys come together so quickly I don’t even need a tutorial 🙂  The picture explains it all!  All you need to do is just cut up some of your favorite veggies and place in either a clear mini trifle dish or use a clean plastic cup for a kid friendly alternative!

Veggie Tail

I cut up some yellow peppers, green peppers, celery and carrots.  You can easily cut up some cucumber spears or even red peppers for another pop of color.  Be creative and have fun!


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