Paper Handprint Dinosaur Craft

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This Paper Handprint Dinosaur Craft is a simple activity for kids of all ages! Grab some colorful paper, our free template and other basic craft supplies to create these friendly dinos!

three handprint dinosaurs made from colorful cardstock

Paper Handprint Dinosaur Craft

My second son has been a BIG dinosaur lover since he has been a little boy. Dinosaurs are a favorite in our household still to this day among my two boys and my daughter.  We still continue to add dinosaur crafts to our dino collection and we have made our fair share of fun crafts revolving around these prehistoric giants!

Here are some of our favorite dino-mite crafts:


Ready to jump into this Jurassic adventure and learn how to make a paper dinosaur? Let’s get to crafting…..

Supplies needed to make a Dinosaur Kids Craft

  • Free Dinosaur Template
  • Cardstock, we used blue, pink and orange as our base
  • Additional Cardstock, lime green and light blue
  • Sharpie or Black Marker
  • Googly Eyes
  • Hole Punch, optional
  • Orange Marker, optional

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Make Your Handprint Shapes

Start off by creating a dinosaur body by using child’s hand to trace around on cardstock and cut out. This will be the base to your three dinosaurs. 

Step 2: Use our Free Template!

Cut out your template pieces using our free dinosaur handprint template

Step 3: Assemble Dinos

Assemble your dinosaur handprint art by following the pictures seen in this post.  For two of the dinosaurs (the Brachiosaurus and pterodactyl) you will need to attach the dino’s head to the dino’s neck.  The stegosaurs can be attached to the handprint body by itself. 

Step 4: Add some fun to your dinosaurs!

Add elements to each specific dinosaur if desired. We used a hole punch to create the spots on our dinosaurs. We used an orange washable marker to create our stripes on the pterodactyl. Let your little paleontologist add their desired spikes, spots or various designs.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Add your dinosaur’s mouth with a black sharpie and finish off with a plastic googly eye or hand drawn eye. 


We love handprint crafts and paper crafts and this dino activity fits both! Not only do we have this dinosaur handprint craft but we have another dino handprint version that is great for even younger kids (such as a preschooler or kindergartener). The shapes are a bit easier to handle and glue together and we add a fun texture to our dinos by adding pom poms. 

Homeschool and Classroom Tips:

  • For younger students  with tiny hands you will want to prep the dinosaur template pieces ahead of time. If your students are older this is a perfect activity for cutting, tracing and cutting again.  
  • Let them be creative – have a little more time on your hands to let kids use their imagiation? Have your student trace their handprint and cut out and then watch them create.  Using their handprint gives them a central point to work from and starts the creative process. 
  • Create dinosaur handprint cards that are perfect for Father’s Day. Once your dinos are complete you can add a cute messaging on the back side letting them know their “Daddysaurus” means the world to them. 

It’s easy to think these creations are just paper and glue and while they are, they are beautiful intentional moments you have spent creating with your young ones.  You are creating little memories of time spent sparking imagination and learning.  So grab some paper, your little crafters and give these dino handprints a try!

finished handprint dinosaur craft on craft counter

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