Dinosaur Lantern Jars

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Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Lanterns: a fun glow in the dark craft any dinosaur loving kid will love! Personalized with their favorite colors and dinosaurs it’s a fun decor piece they can enjoy in their room. 

Dinosaur Lanterns

Dinosaur Lantern Jars

My youngest son LOVES dinosaurs.  I know most boys and girls go through a dinosaur loving stage but this stage has lasted quite awhile. 🙂  For his past birthday we even celebrated with some dinosaur treats like our dinosaur dirt cups and our dinosaur cake.  We decided to make some fun glow in the dark dinosaur lanterns.  These are such a fun craft for the kids.  They can personalize their lanterns with their favorite paint colors and their favorite dinosaurs. 

Silhouette Dinosaur Jars

Dinosaur Fun for Kids

Supplies needed:

  • Glass Jars
  • Paint, we used a multi-purpose paint and painted the outside out of jars. If you are worried about the paint chipping you can add a layer of glass Modpodge, use glass paint, or paint the inside of the jar instead. 
  • Foam Brush
  • Black Permanent Vinyl
  • Cutting Machine
  • Dinosaur silhouette shapes *
  • Battery operated tea lights

*I found the fun dinosaur silhouette designs from an Etsy shop called Studio Pictures. The shapes were perfect for this craft.  All you need to do is decide what size you want your dinosaurs to be compared to the size of the jar and adjust it in your cutting machine program.  

process to make silhouette jars

How to make Dinosaur Lantern Jars

  1. Wash jars with warm soapy water and allow to dry completely.
  2. Add paint to the bottom of the jar. Use a foam brush to paint to prevent streaking.
  3. While paint is drying, cut out a strip of vinyl (approximately 1 inch thick) and create the ground.
  4. Use silhouette machine to cut out dinosaur shapes and follow the instructions on the package to
    adhere to the jar.
  5. Insert battery operated tea light and have fun watching your dinosaurs appear in the dark!

Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Lantern Jars Video

jars glowing in the dark

Dinosaur Lantern Jars

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  1. Can you explain what you mean by a multi-purpose paint? Washable? Acrylic? I’m making these with my kids and want to make sure I use the right paint to make it transparent. Thanks!

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