Paper Plate Snowman

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Paper Plate Snowman- a simple snowman craft perfect for the kids to enjoy all winter long! Minimal supplies requires and great for all ages!

paper plate snowman craft - two with top hat and one with earmuffs


This paper plate snowman craft is a simple kids craft idea that is great all winter long! Snowmen are a fun option before and after Christmas which makes this for a fun activity on a snow day. These snowmen are perfect for the littlest of crafters and we have tips below for making these a little more advance for some of the older crafters.  

three paper plate snowmen with snowflakes

Warm Ear Muffs or Festive Top Hat

We decided to make our snowman two different ways. Both versions are quickly made and require minimal mess! Since our plates are already white there was no need to bring out the craft paint for this paper plate snowman. 


Paper Plate Snowman How To Video:

What You Will Need to Make the Paper Plate Snowman

Here are the items you need to gather before you get started:

  • White paper plates (the cheap ones are fine)
  • Googly eyes
  • Large pink buttons
  • Black magic marker
  • Glue Gun ( adults only) or Glue Stick.
  • Black, orange, green, and white construction paper or cardstock
  • Blue pipe cleaner
  • Blue pom poms 
  • Small red pom poms

steps to make paper plate snowman, make top hat- add googley eyes- add nose and smile

Steps for Making A Paper Plate Snowman

  1. Use the hot glue gun (adults) to glue two googly eyes on the paper plate. They should be placed toward the middle of the plate, where the eyes should be on a face.
  2. Hot glue two pink buttons below the eyes and a bit to the side so they look like cheeks.
  3. Use the black magic marker to draw a squiggly line from one pink button to the other to form a smile.
  4. Cut a nose out of the orange card stock paper, glue in place. 

How To Make the Hat and Earmuffs

To make the top hat: draw and cut out a hat shape (we drew a square shape on top of a rectangle) Add a white paper band and if desired add two green leaves and three red pom poms to make the holly.

To make Earmuffs: Add your pipe cleaner to the top center of your paper plate making sure to glue both ends. Place and glue a large pom pom on either end. 

paper plate snowman with ear muffs and second version with paper top hat

Tips and Ideas for Older Crafts

  • Be Creative! You can change up colors, mouth designs, or any other feature to make it uniquely yours! 
  • Add some sparkle or a layer of faux snow! If you want your snowman to be sparkly, you can spread some mod podge on the Paper plate and add a little white glitter. It gives the snowman a little extra shimmer. Just make sure to do the marker first as its hard to draw a smooth line on top of glitter.
  • You can always add plates to make a body for the snowman and make him bigger. His buttons can be made out of black buttons, pom poms, painted on, or drawn on with a marker.

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Three paper plate snowmen with earmuffs



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