DIY Puffy Paint

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This DIY puffy paint craft is super easy and fun to make! Best of all, puffy paint helps your child learn in a fun, creative way!

Puffy Paint Moon & Stars Printable Template

What Is Puffy Paint?

Puffy paint is a homemade “paint” that you can use in fun crafts for your kids! All you need is some Elmer’s glue, shaving cream, and food coloring to make this puffy creation! The “formula” for this paint is as simple as remembering to use equal parts glue and shaving cream. We usually use 1/4 cup for each. Add food coloring until you achieve the color you desire.

puffy paint rainbow colors

Using Puffy Paint for Learning

Engaging your kids outside of the classroom is one of the biggest hurdles of parenting. Sensory activities such as puffy paint can help them engage in learning when they’re at home. I can’t recommend this activity enough especially for kids who are in grades like preschool, kindergarten, or first grade. During these fundamental years, they’re learning shapes, patterns, colors, numbers, letters, and other fundamental building blocks.

One of the best things you can do with puffy paint is combine your child’s school lessons into a fun activity. For example, your child could paint their shapes, your house, the family pet, and their name! And of course, there’s always the option to let your child’s creativity flow and paint whatever their little heart desires. Puffy paint is a great tool to bring out any creative abilities your child has because they will be interested in it.

In addition, puffy paint is fun to play with and can engage their other senses too. Have your child describe what the puffy paint feels like. Is it gooey? Is it sticky? Is it fluffy? This is a great opportunity to help your child pair language with their other senses such as smell or touch.


How To Make Puffy Paint

  1. Add shaving cream to small cups or bowls. We don’t measure the shaving cream but just eyeball it.
  2. Add equal amounts of Elmer’s glue. (measurements don’t have to be exact)
  3. Add food coloring until desired color. We use gel food coloring as the colors are more vibrant and their are more options.
how to make puffy paint

Clean-up Tips

One of the biggest questions any Momma asks before starting any DIY project is, “How easy is it to clean up?”

I recommend grabbing an old sheet or table cloth and laying it down for your kiddos before mixing and using the puffy paint. While the food coloring does get mixed into the glue and the shaving cream it is possible to stain clothes and surfaces.

puffy paint recipe in 9 ounce pastic cups

Other Fun Ideas

Don’t forget to grab our three printable templates! They are simple designs and great to get started with your puffy paint play!

There’s so much you can do with this puffy paint—it’s a stress-free, low-cost craft that’s bound to build memories with your kids that they’ll remember forever. Mix it up with different types of paint, experiment with mixing colors, and even add a bit of glitter!

Kids will go crazy for this craft, plus it’s a perfect activity to let your kids do while you do things around the house. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Free Puffy Paint Templates

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