Paper Heart Shaped Frog Craft

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This Paper Heart Shaped Frog Craft is a simple craft centered around a simple heart shape. This activity is perfect for Valentine’s day or just because!

heart shaped frog craft on craft counter

Heart Shaped Frog Craft

A heart is a fun shape that can be used to make many different projects. We have made a torn paper heart, a heart shaped puppy, and even used heart shaped cookie cutters to make some tasty brownies! This cute frog is a fun addition to some of our fun valentine’s crafts but he is fun to make all year long! Have your child write handwritten message on the red heart as a cute homemade Valentine frog craft to give to a friend or family member. 

Materials Needed To Make Heart Shaped Frog Craft

You only need a few basic craft supplies to make this adorable frog check them out here:

  • Printable Heart Frog Craft Template
  • Green Card stock, two shades (we used a classic green and a lime)
  • Red & Pink Card stock
  • Googly eyes
  • Black Marker, we used an Ultra Fine Sharpie
  • Glue stick 

How To Make Paper Frog Craft

Step 1: Make your Template Pieces

Start off by using our template to make the various frog paper hearts shapes and pieces that you need from the darker green piece of paper. Cut out a second large heart from your red paper.

Step 2: Creating the Body and Face

Glue the large green heart cutout behind the red heart. Add your webbed feet, lower legs,  frog’s eyes and facial features. 

Step 3: Adding Final Elements

Glue your finished frog’s body onto your lily pad. Using a black sharpie add a few lines on the lily pad for some added dimension. 

Classroom Use & Tips

These little cute frogs would be great craft project to make in a classroom setting as well.  Here are some tips when creating this project:

  • Template Cutting –  Cutting out our free frog template pieces is great cutting practice for younger crafters to develop strong fine motor skills, although they will most likely need help with the webbed feet. 
  • Life Cycles Lesson – this is a fun and cute way to add a fun crafting element to you lesson plans. 
  • Painting Fun– use acrylic paints and add a thin layer of paint over the various template pieces. Let template dry and then cut out. This is a fun way to use our free template but with a different crafting medium. 
  • Bulletin Board – these little frogs make a great addition to a springtime bulletin board or a Valentine’s day themed board.  Kids will love to see their adorable frogs on display!
  • Valentine’s Day Messages – have your students or child write a sweet message to a friend or family member on the red heart before glueing all the pieces together.  
  • Make a Puppet– add a jumbo sized popsicle stick to the back of your frog and your child can run around with a cute Valentine Frog puppet for the day. 

Do I have to use card stock?

You can certainly use construction paper to complete this craft. I personally prefer crafting with card stock when working with my own children or in my Art classes as the durability of the paper helps your project last longer.  Card stock paper is easily acccesible at your local craft store or Walmart.

Can I make my frog bigger or smaller? 

You can certainly use our free template as a guide to making your own frogs larger or smaller for what fits best for your crafting needs. 

​Do I have to use googly eyes?

We LOVE googly eyes in this house- they add so much silly character to art projects and kids love them- however, if you don’t have googly eyes on hands feel free to print our free eyeball template to cut out your own or just use a sharpie marker to draw you own. 

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