Fork Painted Love Monster Craft for Kids

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This Fork Painted Love Monster Craft for kids is the perfect simple valentine’s day craft for kids of all ages!

Kids love googly eyes and kids love silly monsters – this fun craft combines both! These cute little monsters are fun to make, require minimal supplies, and a simple craft for both young and older kids. This easy activity is a cute craft for Valentine’s day but can be made all year round.

What is Fork Painting?

Fork painting is just like it sounds – painting with a fork!  In fork painting you use your fork to create painted designs rather than using a paint brush – this is especially fun for little hands but children of all ages can handle this craft. It is a creative way to use paint! This method of painting is a fun way to introduce washable tempera or acrylic paint to young children and is great for strengthening fine motor skills

Supplies Needed for this Monster Craft:

  • Plastic Forks (just make sure the plastic fork is smooth on the bottom and doesn’t have any ridges so the paint goes on smoothly)
  • White Paper, we prefer card stock
  • Paint, we used red and purple but any color works
  • Paper, black pink and purple
  • Googly eyes
  • Black Sharpie Marker

How to Make this Friendly Monster Craft:

Step 1: Make your Love Monster Body

Lightly draw a large circle onto your white paper. This will be the “guide” you loosely follow for the body of your painted monster.  

Pour your paint onto a small paper plate.  Dip the bottom end of your fork into the paint. Press fork all over in the hand drawn circle until fully covered. Allow paint to dry. 

Step 2: Add Face Details

Add googly eyes to love monster. Add a black smile and some legs. Cut out a heart shape and write whatever cute Valentine messages you want. Glue in place. Add eyelashes if desired.  We use a white and black paint pen to make our conversation heart but a black marker and white colored pencil can work as well!

Fork Painted Love Monster Craft for Kids FAQ’s

What paint should I use?
I prefer acrylic craft paint such as the brand Apple Barrel. However, while this brand is non toxic and washable off of skin it does not wash off of clothes or furniture.  I prefer acrylic because there are usually more color choices and it dries faster than tempera paint but tempera paint works perfectly fine. 

What if I don’t have googly eyes? 
If you don’t have googly eyes, no problem! You can draw your own or print our free eyeball template. 

Can I paint with a metal fork? 
Sure! If you have an old set of silverware you can certainly use one and add it to your crafting supplies. 

​Can young kids complete this happy monster craft on their own? 
It all depends on your child. Preschool age kids may need some help dipping their forks into the paint but K5 and older should have no problems. Be sure little crafters practice safe crafting by being careful to keep the forks away from their face and not to use too much paint. 

Can I use something other than a fork to paint with?
While this craft was created to be a ” fun fork painted” craft you can certainly use other craft items to dip into paint and then press onto your paper to make your base shape. Pom poms or clean sponges are great alternative painting products when working with younger kids. You can also use do a dot markers to create your base shape. Just dot your pieces of paper with colorful dot markers to create a simple but unique work of art. 

Can I add glitter to my project? 
Absolutely! We love glitter in this household but I know most people have a love hate relationship with glitter. 🙂 Sprinkle some loose craft glitter on top of the wet paint and let dry to add a splash of glitz to your finished craft. 

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