Paper Mermaid Craft

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Get ready to make a splash with this delightful Paper Mermaid Craft, perfect for sparking creativity and imagination in kids of all ages!

mermaid craft for kids

Dive into a world of creativity and imagination with these magical mermaid crafts! Whether your kids are fans of the beloved Little Mermaid or simply adore everything under the sea, these easy and adorable DIY projects will transport them to an enchanting underwater realm. So, let’s embark on a crafting adventure and create some magnificent mermaid crafts together!


paper mermaid craft on craft counter

Craft Supplies Needed to Make a Paper Mermaid Craft

You only need a few materials, and you can help your kids make this fun craft!

  • Cardstock – Dark Blue, Light Blue (Turquoise), Pink, Yellow, Purple, and Kraft colored paper
  • Fine Glitter – Purple and Blue (or your favorite colors)
  • Free MERMAID Printable Template
  • Liquid Glue (We also love to use glue sticks)
  • Small Pink Buttons, optional
  • Fine Black Sharpie
  • Ribbon – Pink and Purple
  • Googly Eyes
supplies for mermaid paper craft

How to Make a Paper Mermaid Craft

All you need is a few minutes, and your kids can whip up this gorgeous mermaid craft in no time!

  1. Print and cut out templates
  2. Use glue to make tiny “waves” and lines on the mermaid’s tail to represent mermaid scales.
  3. Sprinkle with plenty of glitter while still wet. Shake off excess. 
  4. Piece together your mermaid as seen in photos. 
  5. Add face elements, eyelashes, mermaid’s hair, etc. (Ultrafine Sharpie works best)
process for mermaids

Tips & Swaps for Making a Paper Mermaid Craft

  • Once the main structure is complete, encourage your kids to add a unique design to their mermaid. They can add elements like a mermaid necklace, mermaid crowns, a mermaid wand, etc.
  • Have your kids experiment with their favorite colors to make this simple mermaid craft more fun!
  • Make an entire ocean scene by incorporating blue construction paper and other various ocean elements like sea shells, fish, corals, etc.
  • Use glitter glue instead of plain glue for the mermaid’s tail! You can let the glitter glue dry as is with no loose glitter needed.
  • Don’t have or want to buy buttons? Just use a pink marker to add little pink cheeks!
  • Have your kids make their own mermaid puppet by attaching the mermaid to a jumbo craft stick!
mermaid craft made out of paper

Why You’ll Love This Paper Mermaid Craft

Easy and Versatile

Dive into the world of mermaids with these delightful paper crafts suitable for kids of all ages. Whether your child is a preschooler or a seasoned crafter, this mermaid project will suit their skill level. 

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Crafting paper mermaids isn’t just about creating beautiful mermaids—it’s also a fantastic way for kids to enhance their fine motor skills in a fun way! As they carefully cut, fold, and glue paper pieces together, children can improve their hand-eye coordination and develop the precise control needed for tasks like writing, drawing, and even tying shoelaces. In addition, this hands-on activity encourages them to flex their creative muscles while honing their fine motor skills, making it a win-win for both imagination and dexterity!

Builds Storytelling Skills

Making these DIY mermaid crafts sparks a wave of creativity. It provides a perfect opportunity for kids to explore the enchanting world of storytelling. As they design their unique mermaid characters, children can let their imaginations run wild, inventing captivating backstories and adventures for their paper creations. This craft invites kids to bring their mermaids to life through storytelling, allowing them to develop their narrative skills, enhance vocabulary, and foster a love for imaginative expression.

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