Handprint Turtles

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An adorable handprint turtle to create with your kids while learning about turtles, reading a turtle story, or practicing fine motor skills.

Handprint Turtle

Turtles are super extraordinary creatures, and kids love learning about them. There are many varieties of turtles, but our favorite is the land turtle. You know, the kind that can hide inside its hard shell. Making a homemade handprint turtle is always a huge hit and makes a lovely keepsake for parents. Making this craft is a great way to preserve your child’s handprint and have a little fun at the same time.

Use it to learn about turtles or just for fun. Tuck it away as a rainy day activity when you are looking for something to do, or plan to use it in the classroom if you are a teacher. It also makes a super cute card for a friend or family member. This craft has many uses, so enjoy!

Handprint Turtle

Handprint Turtle How To Video:

Materials Needed to Make a Handprint Turtle

Grab these few items from your craft store or your craft supply, and have fun creating your own turtle with your kids. This is one of my favorite handprint crafts because it turns out so cute.

  • Green Cardstock paper
  • Buttons – I used two different sizes
  • Black sharpie
  • Googly eyes
  • Liquid glue or a hot glue gun
Handprint Turtle

Step by Step Instructions to Create Your Turtle Craft

When I tell you this handprint turtle is simple to create, I mean it! There are only a few steps to follow, and it’s fantastic for fine motor skills in little kids.

  1. First, trace your child’s handprint on green construction paper or cardstock. I like to use a pencil, so the markings are light.
  2. Cut out the handprint using a pair of scissors. Also, cut out a piece to act as the head of the turtle.
  3. Glue the buttons onto the palm portion of the handprint. I suggest using liquid glue to make things stick better. This will serve as the turtle shell.
  4. Cut out a head-shaped piece of construction paper. Attach the head using tape or a glue stick.
  5. Glue on a googly eye and use a black marker to draw a smile.

If you can, use a hot glue gun to attach the buttons to make sure they stick well. The liquid glue will do a pretty good job, but I find that hot glue holds the best.

Handprint Turtle

Why Make Turtle Art?

These handprint turtles are fun to make and help kids with their fine motor skills. The kids have to use their tiny fingers to place the small buttons. If they are old enough, it’s also a great time to practice cutting. The handprints may be challenging to cut, but try a few before cutting one out neatly for them.

We like to do crafts alongside a book or learning experience. I might share a few facts about turtles with the kids before they do the art, or we will read a turtle story first. The kids also enjoy the craft more when there’s some context to why we are doing it. Sure, it’s fun, but they also have so much fun learning a little first.

Crafts like this are also a great way to create homemade cards. Let kids get creative with their art and place it on a folded piece of cardstock. Anyone would love to receive their own turtle card for a birthday or as a thank you card from a child. It adds to the joy of sharing, showing kids how nice a homemade card can be.

Handprint Turtle

Other Objects to Create the Shell of the Turtle

Adding buttons to the turtle’s shell is just one fun way to decorate your handprint turtle. There are several other ways to make your turtle fun and exciting. Instead of attaching buttons, try adding some of these items to your handprint to serve as the shell.

  • Small pom poms
  • beads
  • scraps of colored paper
  • paint the shell on
  • dry noodles
  • beans
  • pieces of colored rice
  • small amounts of pipe cleaner
  • pieces of cereal
  • and much, much more

More Handprint Crafts for Kids

Looking for more fun ways to preserve your child’s handprint? Try these handprint crafts.

I hope you find this craft to be “turtley awesome”! Happy crafting.

Handprint Turtle

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