Handprint Alien Craft

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Make a fun handprint alien craft for Father’s Day that is out of this world. Kids will go crazy over this galactic activity!

Handprint Alien Craft - Father's Day Craft in purple and green

What’s more fun than creating a Handprint Alien Craft to give as a Father’s Day gift? Nothing says, “You’re out of the world” like an alien made out of your child’s handprint! Using a few simple steps, you and your little ones can make your own aliens. Just grab a few supplies and get to crafting

green and purple handprint ailen

Handprint Alien Craft Materials

Grab your supplies from the local craft store or Walmart supercenter! You can also find many of these materials on Amazon or at the Dollar Tree.

  • black 8×11 cardstock
  • template of words
  • cardstock – I used purple and green but you can use any colors
  • Pom poms to match the color of cardstock you use
  • white and silver foam glitter stars (you may be able to find these as foam stickers so you don’t have to use glue)
  • googly eyes
  • Black Sharpie
  • Paint (white, dark blue, light blue, purple – to make galaxy paper)

Working with these small materials is perfect for developing your child’s fine motor skills as well! Just one more reason to love handmade gifts from young children.


supplies needed for handprint craft

Making the Handprint Alien Craft

The first step in this handmade craft is much like my Galaxy Moon Craft! If you want more fun galactic activities, be sure to check that one out. The steps for the Father’s Day craft are simple! Here are the step by step instructions:

  1. Begin by adding a little bit of water to a drop of white paint. Dip your paintbrush in the watered-down paint and tap your finger or another paintbrush against the side of the brush to let droplets splatter on the black paper. This should create a galaxy-looking background.
  2. Repeat this step with purple, dark blue, and light blue to get the desired effect you want.
  3. Trace your child’s hand onto purple or green construction paper. Cut out their handprint and glue it to the black cardstock.
  4. Add pom poms to the fingertips.
  5. Add 3 googly eyes and a black marker or sharpie smile. Let the kids add as many or as few eyes as they want to make their alien unique. They always love the silly, wiggly eyes.
  6. Write “You are out of this world” and “Happy Father’s Day” on white paper. Cut out the messages and tape them onto the alien scene for the perfect gift for dad.

These handmade crafts make the best kind of gifts for kids to make on their own. Use this craft at home or in the classroom for kids to take home to their parents. It’s such a fun spin on traditional homemade cards.

process shots to make galaxy paper and father's day craft

Activities to Pair with This Craft

Oftentimes, we like to do a fun craft after reading a memorable story. The kids love silly books, so we tried reading Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. It was a hit!

Reading the story gave us a little segue into the alien handprint craft. We were able to use the images from the book to create our own aliens and make them our own. Your kids will enjoy getting inspiration from an alien book as well!

If you are a preschool teacher or work in an elementary school, this is a cute craft to have on hand as a greeting card. It’s not every day that someone will get an alien card for a special occasion. You can customize the wording on it as well!

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Make a fun handprint alien craft for Father's Day that is out of this world. Kids will go crazy over this galactic activity!

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