Paper Plate Snail Craft

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Paper plate snails are a fun and easy way to get crafty this spring and to learn all about snails. The rainbow-colored buttons make this a colorful craft the kids will enjoy!

Finished Paper Plate Snail Craft

Making paper plate crafts is one of our favorite things to do. The materials needed are so simple and the possibilities are endless with a paper plate and some fun craft supplies. This spring, make your own paper plate snail using a dessert plate and some buttons. These cute little snails make great spring decorations or tools while learning about snails. Not to mention, kids absolutely love them. Take a look at how easy it is to create these snail crafts by reading below.

How to Make Paper Plate Snail Video:

Materials Needed to Make a Paper Plate Snail Craft

To get started, grab all of your materials from the craft store or Dollar Tree. I always find these simple supplies at Walmart in the craft section, too.

  • Paper plate, dessert size
  • Eyeball template
  • Buttons – small to medium-sized
  • Cardstock Paper in different colors
  • Gluestick or white glue
  • Black marker or pen

supplies needed for snail craft - paper, buttons, paper plate, eyes

How Do You Make a Paper Plate Snail?

Piecing this sweet snail together is super simple. Here is a step-by-step guide for completing the craft with your little ones.

  1. Print this Free Printable Template for your eyes.
  2. Cut out strips of paper for the eye stalks, as well as a body shape. Use whichever color you would like, I used blue and a lime-ish green color construction paper. Glue them together.
  3. Glue the buttons in a spiral shape onto the back of the paper plate. This makes it look like the snail’s shell is rounded out towards you.
  4. Attach the paper plate to the snail body using liquid glue. Let the glue dry completely before hanging them up.
  5. Be sure to draw on a smiley face!

If you don’t want to use the eyeball template, use some fun googly eyes to give the snail some dimension. Silly wiggle eyes are always a hit with kids of all ages.

how to make paper plate snail collage

Other Options for Decorating the Snail’s Shell

The kids can decorate the snail shell in any way they want. You don’t have to use buttons. We just like using the buttons for a textured effect on the shell.

  • Instead of attaching buttons, let your kids use watercolor paints on the snail shell. This makes for fun spring colors to hang in the window. Just provide them with watercolors, water, and some paintbrushes.
  • Use pom-poms instead of buttons to make a colorful pattern or design on the back of the snail. Make it really fuzzy with giant pom poms or textured using small pom poms. Be sure to use liquid glue and let them dry completely before hanging them up.
  • Attach a pipe cleaner or two to your paper plate snails to make fun designs and a silly shell. The kids can bend and fold the pipe cleaners into different shapes to place on the shells.
  • Cut out small squares of colored construction paper and let kids glue them down in any way they want. This is a great way to use up extra scraps of paper from other crafts you have done.
  • Glue down colorful tissue paper to practice fine motor skills with little ones. Pre-cut the squares or rip the tissue paper into different shapes. All the kids will need is a dot of glue to make it stick.
  • Color the rainbow paper plate snail using a variety of colorful crayons or markers. This is a fun rainy day activity to keep kids occupied.
  • Make the body out of felt instead of construction paper for even more texture.

three finished paper plate snails on counter

Some Fun Snail Books to Read with This Craft

If you like reading a book that’s paired with your craft, you may enjoy these fun titles. We sometimes like to read a story before or after a craft, just to tie things to the season or to learn something new. Find all of these titles on Youtube or buy them off Amazon.

  • Are You a Snail by Judy Allen
  • An Adventurous Snail by Dick King-Smith
  • Escargot by Dashka Slater
  • Snail Trail by Jo Saxton
  • The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson

The kids will love reading a great story and completing this fun and simple craft. They are a great addition to any spring activity and your kids will have so much fun creating a snail that doesn’t leave a slimy trail.

Looking for more fun paper plate crafts? Try these fun activities with your kids at home, in school, on a rainy day, or just for fun.

green body snail with button shell

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