Snowman Marshmallows

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Marshmallow Snowman

It has been a while since I have shared a fun edible kids treat and what could be more perfect than this little snowman marshmallow! He was so simple to put together and is just perfect for the winter season!  My little guys love playing in the kitchen with me so I am always trying to come up with different treats they can do with me and have fun eating afterwards.  This snowman marshmallow is made with marshmallows, a pretzel stick and topped off with a dipped oreo cookies.  Yum!

Snowman with Cookie Hat


3 Marshmallows

Chocolate Melted Wafers

Orange Melted Wafers

White Vanilla Melted Wafers

Oreo Cookies

Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

Pretzels Sticks

First, take your three marshmallows and dip them into your melted white chocolate wafers.  Place on top of each other and place a pretzel stick on either side of the marshmallow for the snowmans arms.  Place in the refrigerator for a few minutes until chocolate sets.  It should only take a few minutes.  While you are waiting for your marshmallows to harden break one of your oreo cookies in half and dip into chocolate.  Dip your reeses peanut butter cup into the chocolate as well and place on top of the oreo cookie.  Allow the cookie hat to harden as well.  Using a small amount of melted orange chocolate and brown chocolate, draw a face and three buttons on your snowman with a tooth pick. .  Use the melted chocolate to secure the hat to the top of the marshmallow.  Add a small amount of ribbon and some sprinkles to the hat to complete the look! 

Bottom of Snowman

Top of Snowman

Enjoy your little wintery fellow 🙂 

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