Paper Plate Dog

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A few simple supplies and a touch of creativity and this paper plate dog will be your kid’s new favorite craft!

Paper Plate Dog Craft

Paper Plate Dog Craft

Paper plate crafts are some of our favorite activities to get our hands on! Whether we are making paper plate fish, dinosaurs, or monsters they are always a simple craft the kids can unleash their creativity on. This paper plate dog craft is no different!

Paper Plate Dogs on White Table

We made three cute versions – black, gray and brown. We even added a little bow to one of our puppies. You can make these in whatever color or shades you like best! Add spots or markings to match your own pet!

Paper Plate Dog How to Video:

supplies needed: paper plates, ribbon, markers, paint, paper on table


  1. Paint patch on paper plate. Allow to dry.
  2. Add face elements such as the mouth, nose and eyes.
  3. Cut out ear shapes and glue in place.
  4. Slightly bend tops of ears. 
  5. Add bow, if desired!
collage of making paper plate dog craft

Easy Craft Swaps:

One of the best things about crafting is letting your kids be creative! If you don’t have some of the supplies we have you can swap for similar items! Some easy swaps are as follow:

  • Color your patches on your paper plate with crayons or markers if you don’t want to deal with the mess paint can somethings bring.,
  • Draw on your eyes if you don’t have plastic googly ones on hand.
  • Use buttons for the nose instead of pom poms.
Paper Plate Dog

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