Paper Plate Panda

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I have another super fun paper plate craft to add to my collection. This paper plate panda craft is very easy to complete and has very few pieces to assemble. Young children will be able to do it on their own and may only need a little help cutting shapes out. Just attach the panda’s face and ears and you’re all set. If you are looking for fun panda crafts, you’ve come to the right place.

The panda is a special zoo animal. Kids (and adults) love learning about how amazing these creatures are. Between the black and white panda and the red panda, there is so much to learn about.

Three paper Plate panda crafts on counter

Paper Plate Panda How to Video:

Simple Materials Needed to Make Paper Plate Panda

I guarantee you have most of these materials lying around the house already. You probably won’t need to go out for many additional supplies, but if you do, check your local Walmart supercenter or craft store to find them all.

A large paper plate will also work, you will just have to make your templates larger to fill the plate. Just make sure you use white paper plates to match the coloring of a real panda.

supplies on counter - black paper, white plate

Assembling Your Paper Plate Panda

Making this paper plate panda craft is very simple. Grab your materials, prep your templates, and glue everything together. Be sure to use the pictures on this post for reference if you need them.

  1. Cut out your eye and panda template pieces.
  2. Glue down the black construction paper parts (the outlines of the eyes, the nose, the ears) to the back of the paper plate.
  3. Glue the white parts of the eyes on top of that as well as the pupils.
  4. Draw a cute smile on your panda using a Sharpie marker.
process images for paper plate pandas

Can I Make My Paper Plate Panda into a Mask?

Easily turn your paper plate panda into a mask by cutting holes for the eyes instead of using the templates or googly eyes. This is great for practicing fine motor skills. The masks would be great party favors to create at a birthday party and a great craft for the guests. No need for crazy party supplies when a craft can serve as an activity AND a party favor.

Fun Facts About Pandas

Looking for some fun facts about pandas that your kids will also enjoy. Check these out:

  • Giant pandas are adorable black and white bears that live in bamboo forests in Central China.
  • Sometimes pandas will eat small animals and fish, but their diet consists of 99% bamboo.
  • They eat for 12 hours out of the day.
  • When first born, baby pandas are pink and have no fur. They cannot see for the first six weeks of life.
  • This type of bear does not hibernate. Instead, they just head down the mountain to warmer climates.
  • Pandas are endangered and should be protected.

If you love learning about animal fun facts make sure you check out our ABC Animal Bundle which is full of kid-friendly recipes, crafts, and facts about each animal!

Paper plate panda on counter with black and white paper

What Can You Make Out of a Paper Plate?

Let me tell you, there are TONS of things you can make out of paper plates. Over the years, I have shared several paper plate crafts and my kids love each and every one of them. I have plenty for all sorts of occasions including birthday parties, classroom celebrations, animal studies, and so much more.

I have multiple pages of Paper Plate Crafts that kids will enjoy completing. We have made several of these into fun puppets or wearable masks that the kids can get creative with. I have watermelons, jungle animals, fish, owls, birds, dogs, ocean animals, mythical creatures, unicorns, Christmas trees, and tons more. All you need are dessert-sized paper plates and a few other simple materials to get started.

panda paper pate craft

More Fun Bear Crafts for Kids

Want some more fun bear crafts? Try making a black bear and a brown bear using this Fork Painted Bear Craft. There’s also a fun Polar Bear Craft made from paper plates that kids will enjoy!

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this easy paper plate craft and check out my other activities involving paper plates.

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