Fork Painted Bears

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There are a ton of fun reasons to make a fork-painted bear craft. For one, they are incredibly adorable. More importantly, they pair nicely with so many activities like stories and studies on bears.

fork painted bears - brown and black on counter

This craft involves a fun twist on a painting that kids are sure to love. They’ve tried painting with brushes and their fingers, but have they painted with forks before? Kids always get a kick out of using alternate objects while crafting. Keep reading to see how simple this craft is to complete.

fork painted bear cards on counter

Supplies for the Fork Painted Bears

If you are an avid crafter, you probably have these supplies already. If not, head over to your local craft store, Walmart craft section, or Dollar Tree to find everything you need to complete this activity. The cardstock and forks come in bulk so you can use the extra for other crafts in the future.

  • Plastic Forks
  • Black and Brown paint
  • Black, Light Gray, Brown, and Light Brown Cardstock Paper
  • White Cardstock Paper
  • FREE Googly eye template, Googly Eyes or a Black Marker to Draw Your Own
  • Glue stick
supplies needed for fork painted bears on counter

How To Make the Adorable Bears

Choose whether you want to be making a brown bear or a black bear. Use the supplies from the list accordingly. No need for a paintbrush, you’ll be using the fork to paint.

  1. Fold your construction paper in half to create a card shape.
  2. Draw a large circle on your paper as a guide.
  3. Dip your plastic fork in black paint or brown paint and press in a circle shape. Just make sure the fork tips are facing out towards the edge of the circle. Continue until fully painted. You will have to redip the fork several times during this process.
  4. Cut out ear shapes and glue them to the bear once the paint is dry. The bear’s ears are made up of two different colors in two different sizes.
  5. Cut out the bears nose piece and add a smile and nose.
  6. Cut the card to size. I ended up cutting the card down to be more of a square after the bear was fully finished. I prefer the look of the square card with this specific craft.
  7. Inside your cards write a little message. Write something like “I love you beary much” or another fun bear pun.

Using the fork to paint is great for fine motor skills in children. It helps them grip the utensil and use their dexterity to dip it in paint and place it on the paper. The fork prints make the fur on the cute little bear look real and the kids will have so much fun painting with them.


Some Other Fun Bear Puns

Want to fill up your cards with some fun bear puns? Try some of these:

“Happy Bearthday”

“I Miss You Beary Much”

“You’re Beary Cute”

“Thank You Beary Much”

“I Like You Beary Much”

“I Can’t Bear to Be Without You”

“You’re the Beary Best”

I love you beary much written in finished card

Why Should You Use a Fork Instead of a Paintbrush?

Using a fork to paint the bear’s fur creates a fun texture that young children may not be familiar with. This technique is a great way to introduce kids to different textures and painting ideas. It also takes longer than a paintbrush so it’s the perfect crafty morning activity to keep kids entertained. Finding alternate materials to paint with is a fun way to explore the world as kids learn about it.

When Should I Make the Fork Painted Bears?

There is no wrong time to complete a bear craft. Our favorite time to craft is after a story. Read your favorite bear books whether they are fiction or nonfiction, and then complete this Fork Painted Bear Craft. We love Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle or any of the Bear and Friends Books by Karma Wilson. Another great one is Big Smelly Bear by Britta Teckentrup. That story always gets a good laugh out of the kids. The kids will love creating the lovable creature using simple craft supplies.

These fork painted bears also make fun activities for a bear theme party or classroom.

A craft is also a great rainy day activity. Have this craft on hand for a day when you need something to do.

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