Paper Plate Frog

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Spring is the best time to talk about the life cycles of animals with your kids. All of the animals are growing and having babies and it’s so much fun to learn about the ways they all change during spring.

paper plate frog craft for kids

This Paper Plate Frog Craft is one of many life cycle crafts you can do with your little ones. The little frog makes an adorable spring decoration. It’s easy to prep using simple craft supplies and is a great craft for this time of year.


one finished paper plate frog

Craft Supplies Needed to Make a Paper Plate Frog Craft

If you have created any of my other paper plate crafts, you may already have these materials lying around. I order everything off Amazon or pick them up from the Walmart craft section. The supplies are easy to find pretty much anywhere. This is what you will need to make the easy frog craft:

  • Paper Plate – I used Dessert Size
  • Red, Green, & Black Cardstock
  • Googly Eye Template or Google Eyes
  • Black Sharpie
  • Green Paint
  • Glue

supplies needed for paper plate frog craft on kitchen counter

How To Make a Paper Plate Frog

Piecing this cute frog together is simple, mostly because its body is a paper plate. Your kids should be able to complete all of the steps independently except for cutting out the legs. They may need some help with that.

  1. Cut the top edge of your paper plate off. I cut off the top ¼- ⅓ of the plate.
  2. Cut out large eyes and the outer eyepieces and glue them together using a glue stick or liquid glue. If you don’t want to use the printable templates, you can glue googly eyes on them instead. I just love giving the frog big round eyes.
  3. Cut frog legs out of green construction paper and attach them to the sides of the frog’s body.
  4. Add a black mouth and red tongue cut out of a strip of red paper. Curl the end of the tongue slightly. Do this by wrapping the tongue around a pencil or another cylindrical object.
  5. Add a nose by drawing two small black dots with a black marker.
paper plate frog process collage

These paper plate frogs can easily be used as frog puppets for story reenactments and fun props. Read a story like How Does a Frog Grow by DK or A Tadpole Grows Up by Pam Zollman. Your local library probably has a great collection of books about frogs and their life cycles too. There are also tons of great options online that read the stories for you. The kids will enjoy learning about frogs and then completing this paper plate frog craft to wrap things up. It’s a great way to get them thinking and keep their hands busy.

Facts & Life Cycle of a Frog

For anyone who wants to teach their kids about the life cycle of a frog while creating this paper plate frog, here you go. A frog’s life starts as an egg. When the eggs hatch, a little tadpole comes out. This tadpole looks a lot like a fish and has no legs. Over time, the tadpole grows two back legs and then eventually front legs. As its legs grow, the tail disappears and it becomes a frog that can come out of the water!

Frogs use their long tongues to catch flies and other bugs to eat. Their sticky tongues help them catch the food quickly and easily. Their long legs help them jump very far to get away from predators. They live in ponds and other bodies of water but don’t always stay in the water. You will often see them sunbathing on a lily pad.

Use some of these facts and the paper plate frogs to create a pictorial display of frog life in pond habitats with preschool kids and beyond. They will enjoy learning about pond life and all things frogs with books, facts, and a fun craft.

three completed paper plate frogs on counter

What Can You Make Out of Paper Plates?

I have TONS of crafts that you can make out of paper plates that are very similar to this fun paper plate frog. It is one of our favorite activities. There are crafts for all seasons on my site but here are some of my favorites:

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