Coat of Many Colors Suncatcher

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Today, we’re diving into a colorful and uplifting project that’s perfect for brightening any window in your home or classroom. Inspired by the timeless Bible story, our Coat of Many Colors Suncatcher combines beautiful tissue paper squares and a simple black outline that’s as fun to make as it is to look at. So, gather your crafty materials, and let’s create!

Coat of Many Colors Craft for Kids

Grab your Bible and head to Genesis 37-50 and get ready to Meet Joseph! He was a special man from the land of Canaan and was gifted a special colorful coat from his father. His jealous brothers ended up selling him to Egypt, but Joseph stayed strong and trusted in God throughout the trials and royal position he held during his life. Even when his brothers came back, Joseph forgave them and showed kindness. His story teaches us about forgiveness and trusting in God’s plan.

This craft is a reminder of Joseph’s life and the start of his biggest journey. I hope as you create this simple Bible craft you can talk about the ways you can be like Joseph during the good and hard times.

Materials Needed:

  • Black Cardstock: This will serve as the sturdy outline for our suncatcher, framing the vibrant colors to come.
  • Free Template
  • Tissue Paper: Gather a rainbow of colors, plus brown for that authentic, historical touch. You can cut squares from larger sheets or purchase pre-cut tissue paper squares for convenience.
  • Contact Paper: This sticky, transparent paper will hold our tissue paper in place and transform our craft into a suncatcher.
  • Scissors, Pencil, and Craft Knife (optional)

How To Make a Coat of Many Colors Suncatcher


Step 1: Download your template & cut out

Print out our free template and cut out. Gently fold the card stock at the sides and carefully cut out your design. The goal is to keep the middle lines intact, creating a continuous line down the center of the coat.

Step 2: Add Contact Paper

Peel the backing off one piece of contact paper and place it sticky-side up. Carefully lay your black cardstock outline on top, aligning it with your design.

Step 3: Add The Tisuse Paper & Get Colorful!

Begin placing your tissue paper squares onto the sticky contact paper, following the color pattern of a traditional coat of many colors. Feel free to get creative with the arrangement!

Step 4: Trim the Excess

Trim the excess contact paper around your design, leaving a small margin to ensure it stays sealed. Your Coat of Many Colors Suncatcher is now ready to be displayed!

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I use different types of paper besides tissue paper?

Yes, feel free to experiment with colored cellophane or translucent papers for different effects.

How do I hang my suncatcher?

Simple! Use a hole punch at the top of your suncatcher and thread through some string, yarn, or a suction cup hook for easy hanging. You can also just use a small piece of tape

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