Grow in God’s Word Craft

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This Grow in God’s Word Craft is the perfect way to reinforce important Bible verses, all with a theme of growing closer to Him. This craft is perfect for Sunday School and at home Bible lessons.

Grow in God's Word final art on paper with extra verses on the side

Do you have kids learning and studying Bible Verses? Looking for a way to teach littles how they can Grow in God’s Word? This easy craft is a great way to reinforce your faith and show God’s great love for you and your children. This craft combines Bible verses highlighting love, kindness, joy, and strength, providing a well-rounded toolkit for growing in the Word of God! So, grab your materials, and let’s get growing


Craft Supplies Needed to Make a Grow in God’s Word Craft

You only need a few materials to make this fun craft!

supplies on counter - colored card stock, glue stick and scissors

How to Make a Grow in God’s Word Craft

  1. Cut out free template pieces.
  2. Fold pink paper in half and cut out petals on the folded edge. 
  3. Glue verse petal inside larger petals. 
  4. Cut a yellow circle slightly larger than the middle template pieces. 
  5. Glue behind “Grow in God’s Word” center. 
  6. Place top petal on paper first and then fill in with remaining petals and circle. I played around with it and then glued down after having it how I wanted. 
  7. Add stem, leaves, and grass. 

Why You’ll Love This Grow in God’s Word Craft

Fun and Engaging

Grow in God’s Word crafts provide a unique opportunity to learn about the Bible in a fun and engaging way. This craft allow you to explore the teachings of God’s word through creative and hands-on activities, providing a refreshing break from traditional study method.

Less Mess and Free Printable

Whether you are a Sunday school teacher, a parent, or a member of a small group, this activity is easy to make, is low mess and we offer a free printable with our favorite “Grow in God’s Word” themed Bible verses! While we love a craft with glitter and paint, sometimes it’s nice to work with one simple supply-paper! All you need to do is simply cut out your petals and glue in place.

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