Easy Paper Plate Bunny Craft

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This Easy Paper Plate Bunny Craft is fun for kids of all ages and is perfect Easter Fun!

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft

Calling all moms with little ones! Get ready to embark on an egg-citing crafting adventure with your kiddos this Easter! We love paper plate crafts and this rabbit craft is no exception! Kids will enjoy making their own adorable paper plate bunnies. This delightful project, featuring pink-eared bunnies with bows for girls and ribbon bow ties for boys, promises giggles, creativity, and memorable moments.  

This easy and fun Easter craft centers around some cute bunnies and very minimal supplies needed to make them. This is a great kids craft idea when you are short on time as this can be easily completed in less than 30 minutes.


Supplies needed to make your own Easter Bunny:

  • Paper plates, we used dessert size
  • Card stock or Construction paper (white, pink and blue)
  • Medium/Large Googly eyes
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (we used pink and black and white checkered)
  • Black marker, we use a Sharpie

How to make this Cute Paper Plate Bunny Craft:

  1. Start off by cutting out two long ears per bunny from your white card stock. You will also need to cut out two inner ears from your blue and/or pink card stock) Glue your smaller ears onto your bigger ear pieces. Fold over the top of one of the bunny’s ears for dimension if desired. 
  2. Glue your bunny ears to the back of your paper plate.
  3. Cut out your bunny face pieces- we made two heart cheeks and an oval nose from our pink paper. 
  4. Glue your face pieces to the top of your bunny crafts. 

What are some creative swaps my kids can use?

The best part of crating is watching your kids use their creativity to make their own bunny uniquely their’s. Here are a few swaps and additional ideas they can add to their simple Easter bunny craft

  • Make a fluffy bunny! Before adding your bunny face pieces you can add a layer of cotton balls all over the front of the plate using kids glue or a hot glue gun. (adults only)
  • Make a pom pom nose instead of a paper nose. 
  • Add some pink or white pipe cleaners for some added whisker fun!
  • Add some cute bunny feet with some white card stock. 

Teachers and classrooms can utilize the finished paper plate bunnies in various ways to enhance both artistic and educational experiences for children. Here are some creative ideas:

  1. Storytelling and Writing Activities: Encourage students to create a silly story or write about their paper plate bunnies. This can enhance their language skills, creativity, and imagination. Kids can share their stories with the class, fostering a love for storytelling.
  2. Classroom Decorations: Use the paper plate bunnies to decorate the classroom during the Easter season. Hang them on bulletin boards, classroom walls, or create a festive display. Younger children especially love to see their finished artwork displayed. 
  3. Role-Playing and Dramatic Play: Incorporate the paper plate bunnies into dramatic play activities. Students can use them as puppets during role-playing scenarios, fostering social skills, teamwork, and creativity. This activity also allows for thematic exploration.
  4. Fine Motor Skill Development:The process of creating the paper plate bunnies involves cutting, gluing, and attaching small details. These activities contribute to the development of fine motor skills, helping children refine their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  5. Elements of Art Exploration: Through this craft, students can explore various elements of art, such as color, shape, and texture. Discuss the use of colors for different parts of the bunny, the shapes involved in creating the ears and bows, and the texture of the materials used. This hands-on experience helps reinforce these fundamental concepts in a tangible way.
  6. Themed Collaborative Projects: Connect the paper plate bunnies with other classroom themes or fun projects. Make a big Easter adventure with their bunnies and other spring crafts – this makes for a great activity for a group of kids.

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