Thankful Tree Free Printable Craft for Kids

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This Thankful Tree Printable is an easy activity that sparks a grateful heart in your kids while letting their little hands get a little crafty in this activity that can be made in under 20 minutes. 

​Thankful Tree Craft

This Thanksgiving season you can practice an “attitude of gratitude” with your whole family by creating this fun Thankful tree which is complete with a free template for both the tree and the leaves. Kids can trace their own paper leavers with our free template and then add their grateful thoughts on each one. This is a great activity to do right before Thanksgiving dinner or in the classroom leading up to the holiday vacation.  Kids can discuss with their friends of family what they wrote on their different leaves making this a special way to share their thankful heart with the ones they love most.  


Simple Supplies Needed for Thankful Tree

  • Free Printable Thankful Tree Template
  • Card stock or construction paper , in a variety of Fall colors – we chose red, yellow, two shades of green and orange
  • Sharpie Marker, we preferred to use ultra fine
  • Glue stick

How to Make This Cute Thankful Tree:

1. Print off your free Thankful Tree Template on white card stock. 
2. Print off your free printable leaf template and use the printable leaves to trace onto your desired paper colors.  Cut the colorful leaves out.

3. Add veins to your paper leaves with a sharpie marker and add your thankfulness to each of the fall leaves.

4. Glue leaves to the printable on your desired tree branches. 

FAQ’s :

What if I don’t have a printer?

If you don’t want to print out our templates feel free to draw your own individual thankful trees. Start off my drawing a tree trunk on the bottom of your paper and add branches above.  Draw leaves on the branches and add your notes of thankfulness. You can color your leaves.  You can also cut out your own tree shape with brown paper and freehand your own paper leaves and follow the remaining steps. 

What is the point of a Thankful Tree?

Thankful trees are the perfect way to get your entire family in a thankful spirit. Family members can each use the small leaves to express what they are grateful for in an interactive way that can be used on Thanksgiving day or the whole month of November.  

​You can even use the thankful leaves in an “advent” style. Each morning your child can write something new they are thankful for and add it to their tree.  Continue to add leaves until Thanksgiving day and then your tree will be full of thankfulness. This is fun way to add a new activity to your family traditions during the holiday season. 

This is such an easy Thanksgiving craft that is great for kids of all ages and would be a great way to share thankful thoughts around the dining room table.  

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