Fork Painted Flowers

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Fork-painted flowers are the perfect craft to do in the Spring and Summertime! Bright paint colors and plastic forks makes this an easy 30-minute or less craft for kids!

Fork Painted Flowers for springtime fun.

Paint crafts do not have to always use the classic paint brush and bottles of paint. We love finding other ways and tools to craft with paint such as our Fork Painted Bears, Moon Craft and even our Puffy Paint. Like our Fork Painted Bears this flower craft uses plastic forks as our main crafting tool. Just some cheap plastic forks is all you need!


Supplies Needed to Make Your Fork Painted Flowers

To get started, grab the materials listed below. I found all of my materials at Walmart but they also have these items at the craft store or the Dollar Store. You may even have most of them lying around the house.

  • Craft Paint – in various colors. I used purple, pink, yellow, teal, red, orange blue, and green
  • Crayola Markers (or any brand on hand)
  • Green Cardstock or construction paper for the grass
  • Plastic Forks, it sounds weird but before you buy them flip them over to make sure they have smooth flat bottoms. Some forks have a divot in the bottom of them. You need them to be flat so they apply the paint smoothly.
  • White Cardstock to use as the base layer for the craft

Use your choice of craft paint for this project. Select the paint based on what you know about your child. If you know they make a mess, avoid acrylic paint as it doesn’t come out of clothing as easily as paint made specifically for kids. We always have wet paper towels on hand in case a mess breaks out. If it is nice outside, this is the perfect craft to do outdoors in the warm weather and sunshine.

fork painted flower supplies on counter

How to Make Fork Painted Flowers

Before getting started, put a blob of paint in the colors you want on a paper plate or in bowls. Provide one fork per color. This will make it easy for kids to select the colors they want. They can share the forks being dipped into each paint color to avoid mixing colors.

  1. Dip the back of the fork in your paint of choice. Press it onto the white paper. You may need to rock it up and down slightly to have the whole fork press down. Go ahead and try a few on scrap paper…but it’s super easy!
  2. Press one flower of each color on the paper making some taller than the others.
  3. Using green paint and a thin paintbrush add flower stems to your picture.
  4. Draw and color in the leaves with a matching marker color.
  5. Cut a 2-inch strip of green cardstock. Add cut marks across the whole thing. Bend or fold a few of the strips make and glue the whole piece on top for the grass.

This is a fantastic activity to work on fine motor skills and motor control with little ones. Older kids will love making fun designs and drawing their own leaves for the flowers. Encourage them to add a sun and clouds if they want more detail in their picture. Display these colorful flowers around the house for your family and friends to admire.

fork painted flower collage

What Can I Use Fork Flowers for?

These flowers are so much fun and can be used for a variety of occasions. We like to use them just for fun in the spring and summer while the flowers are starting to bloom, but they also make great gifts for loved ones. Use them to celebrate Mother’s Day or an upcoming birthday. They make super sweet cards anyone would enjoy receiving.

Add these spring flowers around the house as colorful decorations for the windows and the refrigerator or pair them with a fun story about flowers and all things spring. Painting with a different medium than a paintbrush will have your kids fully engaged and asking for more. I hope you enjoy creating these colorful spring fork painted flowers with your kids!

fork painted flowers on counter

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