Underwater Coloring Page

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This underwater coloring page is a fun interactive activity! Add glitter pom poms to take this coloring page up a few levels! Great for summer, ocean lessons or just for fun!

Under the Sea Activity

Need a quick and simple summer activity for the kids? This under the sea activity doesn’t get much easier! You only need three simple supplies such as paper, colored pencils, and some pom poms.

Tips for creating this Underwater World:

  1. Trying Different Colors: In the underwater world, anything is possible! You can use any colors you like to make your coloring page look amazing. Try using bright and tropical colors or cool and calm colors. You can also blend different colors together to create beautiful shades, just like how the sunlight reflects underwater.
  2. Colored Pencils: colored pencils or markers are our preferred medium for this craft! Some of the details are a little on the smaller side and crayons can sometimes be harder to use for little kids when filling in tiny areas.
  3. Print on Cardstock: while regular copy paper works perfectly fine we prefer a heavier paper like cardstock when gluing on the pom poms.


Supplies Needed:

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