Fruit Loops Jellyfish

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Everyone loves making a craft using tasty treats! This Fruit Loops Jellyfish craft is made with tasty cereal and is the perfect way to practice fine motor skills, counting, and learning about jellyfish. It’s one of my favorite ocean crafts and is super easy to prep.

Handprint Fruitloop Jellyfish Craft

Handprint Jellyfish with Fruit Loops

Here’s what you will need to create your Handprint Fruit Loops Jellyfish. You can find all of these materials at the grocery store or your local supercenter. Walmart is our go-to because they have a little of everything so it’s a one-stop shop!

  • cardstock in orange, yellow, and red
  • Googly eyes
  • Fruit Loop Cereal
  • Jellyfish Template
  • Glue
  • Black marker
jellyfish supplies on counter - paper, fruit loop cereal in bowls

Other options if you don’t want to use fruit loops include:

  • Cheerios
  • buttons
  • pom poms
  • drawing circles with a marker
  • sequins

We always create the jellyfish in a variety of different colors to add some brightness to the room. I let the kids choose their own color and get creative.

Fruit Loops Jellyfish How-to Video:

How to Make a Fruit Loops Jellyfish

To make this Fruitloop Jellyfish, gather your materials and find a space that you don’t mind getting messy. I find that crafting with food always results in crumbs and a little more cleanup afterward. If it’s a nice day outside, do this craft on the patio or lawn!

  1. Trace your child’s hand onto the desired colored paper.
  2. Cut out your child’s handprint and the tops of jellyfish from colored construction paper.
  3. Glue the tops to the palm of the handprint so the fingers are pointing down.
  4. Add corresponding fruit loop colors. Attach using glue that will dry clear so it doesn’t show underneath. These will make up the jellyfish’s tentacles.
  5. Add googly eyes using liquid glue or hot glue. Don’t forget your sweet smile using a Sharpie marker.
process shots of jellyfish craft

If you don’t want the Fruit loops to match the color of the jellyfish body, let the kids mix and match them. Place the cereal into a paper bag and have the kids draw out pieces at random. They can also create patterns or add a certain number if you are working on counting.

Afterward, I always let the kids eat some extra Fruit Loops. It’s a fun way to work on fine motor skills by gluing down small pieces and exploring new tastes if they have never tried sugar cereal. They will be in a fruit loop paradise with this fun activity.

What are Some Mindblowing Facts About Jellyfish?

Want some fun facts about jellyfish to share with your kiddos? Check out these cool facts. They are a great way to introduce your craft and to teach kids interesting things.

  • Jellyfish look like little umbrellas.
  • Jellyfish are often transparent or translucent, meaning you can see through them.
  • A group of jellyfish is known as a bloom.
  • Jellyfish are not strong swimmers.
  • They eat zooplankton, small fish, small plants, and sometimes other jellyfish.
  • Some jellyfish are as tall as humans while others are as small as a pin.
  • Jellyfish have been around since before the dinosaurs.
  • Surprisingly, jellyfish have no brains!

Pretty cool fun facts, right?!

If you love learning about animal fun facts make sure you check out our ABC Animal Bundle which is full of kid-friendly recipes, crafts, and facts about each animal!

Handprint Fruitloop Jellyfish Craft

What Can I Do With Leftover Fruit Loops?

If you have leftover cereal and don’t want the kids eating it all, try some more crafts.

Grab some pipe cleaners or yarn and let the kids string their cereal onto it. This is great for that pincer grip they need for writing and holding a pencil. If you use yarn, make the string long enough and the kids will have their own Fruit Loop necklace to enjoy! Doing this at school makes for a fun treat to take home at the end of a day or after a celebration.

Kids may also enjoy making their own rainbow! Line up colored pieces of cereal next to a cotton ball cloud for a fun rainy day activity. Older kids always like making these cute crafts and rainbows.

Handprint Fruitloop Jellyfish Craft

Looking for More Jellyfish Craft Ideas?

If you are doing a study on jellyfish or other ocean animals, be sure to check out my other blog posts. You will find tons of great craft ideas for kids of all ages.

Try the Handprint Jellyfish Craft or the Paper Plate Ocean Animals. They are both lots of fun and a great addition to an ocean-themed room or a study on the ocean. Make a fun ocean scene using multiple crafts. The kids will love spending their days surrounded by crafts they created.

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