Easy Torn Paper Ghost Craft for Kids

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This Easy Torn Paper Ghost Craft is such a fun and simple craft for kids of all ages.   You only need paper, glue,  and under 30 minutes to complete this craft for the Halloween season. 

torn paper ghost on craft counter

Looking for some simple Halloween activities?  We have a few on our site and are always adding more!  Check out our pipe cleaner spiders, Halloween handprint ghost, torn paper bat, and our paper plate witch for some simple Halloween crafts.  This torn paper ghost is a perfect addition to our halloween art and is a great way to make some spooky fun that is also a simple fine motor activity!

torn paper in ghost shape on purple paper

Supplies needed for Torn Paper Ghost:

  •  Cardstock or Construction Paper – white, pink, purple and black  paper. You can also use different colors for your background if desired. 
  • Pencil, to  lightly  draw  your ghost shape
  • White paint pen, if you would like to add some pupils
  • Free Ghost Template, or you can draw your own
paper supplies on  counter


Follow the simple steps to make your own Torn Paper Ghost

1. DRAW YOUR SHAPE: Lightly draw a ghost shape on your background card stock or use our free template. We used a purple piece of card stock, but green paper  or orange would be fun options as well!

2. TEAR PAPER: grab your white paper and tear into pieces. Our pieces are usually 1/2 inch to 1 inch in size but any size will do!  The smaller the paper the more gluing required. 

3. GLUE PAPER: glue your torn white piece of paper into your ghost shape  with a glue stick until the shape is full. 

4. ADD  FACIAL FEATURES :  cut out your eye  shapes from your black paper, along with a mouth and two pink cheeks.   You can also add a white pupil to each of the eyes with a white paint pen if desired. 

Torn Paper Ghost  finished  on craft counter

The Halloween season is the perfect time to create with your kids! Paper art like this is one of our favorite ways to craft as it’s simple, doesn’t require many supplies and is great for building imagination, hand strength in littles and fine motor skills.

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