DIY Lego Travel Case

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DIY Lego Travel Case – a simple storage solution for Lego’s. This travel case is a fun kid’s activity to take in the car when traveling, running errands or just playing at home. 

DIY Lego Travel Case Tutorial

DIY Lego Travel Case

My kids are good travelers. We haven’t had to do many long trips with them yet but the few 5-6 hour car rides we have done have gone smoothly.  One of the key ingredients to a happy traveler is not letting them get bored.  We have a portable TV that we also take on trips but love to have some other things for them to do than just watch movies the whole time.  Sometimes I’ll run to a local dollar store and grab a few fun “toys”, treats, or activities they can do. Then at the top of each hour we are traveling they get their next item. Of course this isn’t something we do every time, but set aside for special trips.  It’s also important for them to learn that sometimes you just have to travel and behave whether or not your getting rewarded. 🙂  These lego travel cases are such a fun on-the-go activity to have on hand. They are great for long trips, a day filled with errands, or just something to play with at home.  

legos in travel box

Supplies needed to make On-The-Go Lego Box

You only need a few simple supplies to make these travel lego cases and most of the supplies can be used to make for multiple boxes. If you have multiple children or friends to make some boxes for this can be an inexpensive gift.

* Don’t have a cutting machine? No worries, just purchase some letter stickers instead to personalize your lego cases. 

process to make lego box

Direction & How To Video

  1. Cut Lego base plate to fit pencil box.
  2. Put mounting tape on to the base plate and attach to the bottom inside of the pencil box.
  3. Use your silhouette machine to cut out personalized names with your preferred colors. 
  4. Apply vinyl letters, or stickers to the top of your pencil box.

DIY Lego Travel Case

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Personalized Lego Travel Case

DIY Lego Travel Case

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