Back to School Pencil Frame

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A Back to School Frame that will become a childhood keepsake for years to come. Easy to make and fun to do together!

Back to School Popsicle Frame

First day of school photos are such a treasured keepsake for parents everywhere. Many parents take a photo of their kids on their first and last days of school to compare how much kids change throughout the year. It really is crazy how much growing they do! Use this fun DIY Back to School Frame made from popsicle sticks to commemorate their fun school days. Snap their school pictures and have fun with this activity!

back to school frame on counter with school supplies

Whether you homeschool, you are a teacher, or your kids attend a private or public school, this DIY frame is a great way to bring a smile to everyone’s faces with all the chaos of a new year. Kids will love creating something that has their face on it and parents will love displaying their star student in the house! Students of all ages are able to make this craft quite easily. It’s a spin-off of our Crayon Popsicle Stick Frame and our Apple Popsicle Stick Frame! Be sure to check those out as well.

Materials Needed for Back to School Frame

The materials needed for this project are super fun to have on hand. There are so many things you can do with yellow craft sticks, but this back-to-school photo frame is one of my favorites. It’s a lovely keepsake and super easy to make. Find everything you need at craft stores or online.

  • Yellow jumbo popsicle sticks (5 per frame)
  • Plain Jumbo Popsicle Sticks (2 per frame)
  • Black and pencil flesh-colored craft foam
  • Glitter Silver Scrapbooking Paper
  • Pink Cardstock ( Eraser color)
  • Pictures of your kids

Use your child’s first day of school picture (whether you take it or it’s taken at the school).

supplies on counter - paper,  yellow popsicle sticks

How to Make a Back-to-School Popsicle Frame

Putting this DIY frame together is very easy! Just follow the instructions below and use the pictures on this post for further guidance if needed.

  1. First, take two of your plain popsicle sticks and use them to trace and cut out both a silver piece of scrapbooking paper and a piece of pink paper.
  2. Glue these down on top of two popsicle sticks.
  3. Place your popsicle sticks facing pretty side down. You should have 5 yellow popsicle sticks on top, followed by a silver one and then a pink one as the eraser.
  4. Hold the popsicle sticks together by gluing two popsicle sticks to the back. I would recommend using hot glue for this.
  5. Cut out a large triangle piece of the pencil flesh-colored foam.
  6. Cut another smaller triangle piece in black to use as the tip of the pencil.
  7. Cut out your pictures if needed and add them to the center of the frame using a glue stick or liquid glue. If you printed on plain paper, don’t use liquid glue as it will bleed through.
Back to School Popsicle Frame

How to Display My Photo Frame

There are a few ways you can display your homemade back-to-school frame. One of the easiest ways is to attach a large magnet to the back so you can hang it on the fridge. Michaels stores sell strips of magnetic tape that already has adhesive on the back. You will also find regular magnets of all shapes and sizes that are easy to hot glue to the back of the frame.

If you don’t want to adhere a magnet to the back, try attaching yarn or string to the top edges of the frame. Use strong glue (probably hot glue) to make the string durable. The string will allow families to hang the frame from windows, the fridge, and any place they can think of.

Craft stores also sell small frame stands in varying colors that do a great job holding crafts like this! I always grab a few when they go on sale at the store so we hand some on hand to display our arts and crafts.

Now you have a lovely frame to gift to family and friends or to display in your own home. If you are a teacher, parents will LOVE receiving this sweet keepsake.

Back to School Popsicle Frame on Holder

More Back to School Craft Ideas

If you are looking for more fun back-to-school craft ideas, I have more! Try making a frame similar to the pencil by doing a Back to School Crayon Frame!

Kids will enjoy making Back to School Bumblebee Treat Bags to gift to teachers and classmates as well!

And for something super fun to have in the classroom or at home, try making your own Back to School Apple Playdough!

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