Paper Bag Dragon Craft

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This Paper Bag Dragon Craft is a fun medieval themed craft using basic supplies like paper, glue, a brown paper bag and googly eyes! With our free template, you’ll have your own fire-breathing friend in no time!

Easy Paper Dragon Craft

Hey there, crafty moms! Are you ready for some “magical” fun? We LOVE dragons in this household and we are so excited to share this easy and fun project with you- our Paper Bag Dragon Craft! With our free template and simple steps, you and your crafters will soon be making your own enchanting dragon.

Here are some of our recent favorite dragon crafts:

green and pink dragon craft made from brown paper bags

Materials Needed To Make A Paper Bag Dragon

  • Brown Paper Bag
  • Cardstock, black, orange a red
  • Cardstock, in your desired dragon body colors. We chose to do two shades of pink and two shades of green.
  • Googly Eyes
  • Free Dragon Template
  • Glue
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
brown paper bag dragon craft supplies on craft table.

How To Make a Paper Bag Dragon

Step 1: Prepare Template Pieces

Start off by printing our free dragon template. Use our template to trace onto your desired card stock and cut out. Glue your main pieces to the top of the paper bag and the bottom.* Trim the excess that is left on the bottom of your paper bag. We decided to trim it a bit so your childs arm can fit better.

*The rectangle head piece goes on the flap of the paper bag so that when you child puts their hand in the bag they can open the mouth.

paper bag template pieces cut out

Step 2: Creating the Body

Following our picture, being assembling your dragon. Add the dragon wings and tail behind the dragon, add spikes, nose, horn and nose. Glue your fire breathing pieces together and glue slightly behind nose piece. Add two googly eyes.

Step 3: Adding the Final Details

Using your Sharpie marker, add final line details to your dragon. Add lines to wings, nose, belly and add eyelashes if desired!

Homeschool and Classroom Tips and Use:

While we often craft and create for seasons, holidays and “just because” days your kids are learning valuable skills each time you create something! Whether you pair your activity with an afternoon of homeschool learning and reading or you watch them jump into the role of pretend play, they are fine tuning important skills they will use daily.

  1. Sequencing: Many sets of directions involve multiple steps that need to be completed in a certain order. By following these sequences, kids learn about the importance of order and how actions are connected to achieve the final result.
  2. Fine Motor Skills: cutting, gluing and assembling their dragon pieces helps build eye hand coordination and strength in their pincer muscles.
  3. Attention to Detail: Following directions often involves paying attention to specific details and instructions of where certain pieces should be glued.
  4. Independence: As a part time Art teacher, I see firsthand how finishing a craft or art project helps develop confidence in their ability to complete a project- even a project they thought would be “too hard”! Their eyes beam with pride as they look over their finished art and the following week they are ready to tackle the next project.

Do I have to use cardstock?

No, you don’t have to! Construction paper and regular paper will work just fine but we prefer to use cardstock because of it’s durability – especially for a paper bag dragon puppet.

What if I don’t have Googly Eyes?

No problem! You can draw your own eyes or even print off our free eyeball template – there are plenty for future projects!

What are some fun Dragon Books to go along with this dragon Craft?

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Dragon Masters Series – great beginner chapter books! There are many of them so it can keep your young readers busy for quite some time.
  • Raising Dragons – meant for higher elementary to Junior High Kids.
  • Dragons Love Tacos – cute for Preschool and Kindergarten Age kids.
  • How to Catch a Dragon – I haven’t personally read this book but the other How to Catch Books are cute!

(Please note: we might not have necessarily read every new book in the series, nor do we keep up with changes in authors writing. We don’t condone all messaging that might be spoken about in various and newer books)

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