Apple Slice Cookies

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Apple Slice Cookies

Put a healthy twist on dessert with these Apple Slice Cookies! Just slice, top, and serve — no baking required. Kids will love this delicious treat!Apple Cookies on a serving plate with mini m&m's

Healthy and Easy Apple Slice Cookies

These healthy and easy apple slice cookies are truly the best of both worlds. Instead of a traditional cookie, we used apple slices! When you cut your apples horizontally, you get neat little rounds that look just like cute cookies. Then, they get finished with indulgent toppings like Nutella, M&Ms, and caramel. We call them “cookies”, but these are healthy enough to serve up as an after school snack. Kids have a ton of fun getting to pick their favorite flavors and assembling their own apple cookies. Fair warning, it can get a little messy, so have paper towels on hand!

caramel, m&m's, and coconut in serving bowls

Can I make these apple slice cookies in advance?

We do recommend making these cookies when you want to enjoy them. Since they are so quick to make, it is not typically a problem for us. The only trouble with making apple slice cookies in advance is the browning that happens. When apple slices sit out for too long, they turn an unappealing shade of brown. To prevent this, here are a few tricks to keep your apples pristine.

  1. Use a brush to apply or dip the apples in lemon juice.
  2. Keep the slices held together with a rubber band to prevent them from getting exposed to the air.
  3. Soak the slices in water mixed with salt or honey.

Once you’ve prepped your slices, you can keep them in the fridge and take them out when you’re ready to assemble the cookies. You could also use these tips even if you’re making the apple slice cookies to be enjoyed immediately, as this will prevent leftovers from browning in the fridge.

apple cookies: nutella spread on apple slice topped with crushed pretzels

What kinds of toppings and combinations can I create?

The sky’s the limit with these apple cookie toppings! You could get adventurous and pick up a whole slew of toppings, or simply use whatever you have on hand. Toppings like almond butter, sliced nuts, and chocolate chips would be so good on these. We opted for three different flavor combinations: Peanut Butter with Mini M&Ms, Caramel with Toasted Shredded Coconut, and Nutella with Crushed Pretzels. If you choose to use this variety, you can easily mix and match the spreads and toppings. Caramel with M&Ms, Nutella with Toasted Coconut, and Peanut Butter with Pretzels sound equally as delicious!

apples cored and sliced on cutting board

Tips for making apple slice cookies

  • Make sure your apple corer is sharp so it can cut through the apple. You will likely want to handle the cutting of the apples yourself and leave the decorating to the little ones. This will prevent accidents from the sharp corer and knife.
  • Depending on the size of your apples, you should be able to get about 5-6 slices out of one apple. Keep this in mind when you’re planning on how many apples to use for the amount of people you are serving.
  • The type of apple you use is totally up to you! Granny Smiths would be great, since their tart flavor would offset the sweet toppings nicely. However, you can go the sweeter route with a Red Delicious, Gala, or Honeycrisp. We always have apples in the house, so I typically use whatever we have lying around!


Peanut Butter & Mini M&M’s

  • Add a layer of peanut butter and top with a few mini M&M’s

Caramel & Toasted Shredded Coconut

  • Add a layer of jarred caramel and top with toasted shredded coconut

Nutella & Crushed Pretzels

  • Add a layer of nutella and top with some crushed pretzels

m&m's on apple slices

Apple Slice Cookies Recipe

These apple slice cookies are a delicious, healthy treat that you can enjoy even when it’s not time for dessert. The kids can have bunches of fun assembling their own and choosing their toppings. Enjoy!

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Apple Slice Cookies

Author Katie
Course Side Dish
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  • your favorite apples
  • your favorite toppings, such as Nutella, peanut butter, m&m's crushed pretzels, etc.


  • 1. Use an apple corer and core your apple. Then cut into horizontal slices. If you don’t have an apple corer, you can slice your apple horizontally and then use a mini circle cookie cutter to cut out the center.
  • 2. Top with various spreads and toppings of your choosing. 
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